Hayden Panettiere plastic surgery

Hayden Panettiere Plastic surgery Breast augmentation

Hayden Panettiere Plastic surgery Breast augmentation

Despite her young age, Hayden Panettiere has undertaken beauty augmentation procedures. She has tried to keep the plastic surgery private affair, but fans can’t stop to speculate. The before and after pictures of Hayden clearly speaks volume. Merely look at her before and after pictures, one can easily identify the differences on breasts and nose. It is argued that she underwent breast enhancement to make it bigger and rounder. Many people note that at her age, plastic surgery wasn’t necessary as she is still young. In her defense, some fans noted that her new look is refreshing and better for her career.

Hayden Panettiere plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

Before the surgery, Hayden had a small, flat, and an A cup breast that has been enhanced into a C cup and larger breasts. Fans started rumors about her appearance after posting pictures in a bikini in 2013. The stark differences in her looks gave fodder to speculations about her breasts enhancement as she had a fuller bust. Breast enhancement is a trending practice in America among celebrities; hence, a slight change in ones’ appearance can fuel speculations. Her critics point out that she might have endured disastrous plastic surgery. They say that there is a visible cavity look in her chest, which shows procedure yielding negative results. It is clear from her breasts that they are trying to move far from each other. Also, there are appear to have wrinkles on her breast, which is an indication of plastic surgery.

The implants have created a puckered and rippled appearance of Hayden’s breasts, which shows that they were placed near sternum midline. Dr. Anthony Youn notes that the problem can be fixed using fat and silicon injections. He agrees with those speculating of plastic surgery saying that there is an improvement in the bust. Fixing the implants means removing the current one and replacing with a silicon and adjusting their positions.

One thing is clear that her acting career will flourish although many believed that staying natural enhanced her demeanor and looks. It cannot be ruled out that the breasts have boosted her self-confidence. The pictures that were posted on Easter having a wonderful time at Miami beach shows that she is happy with her looks. She walked around confidently in a purple bikini without care, which is uncharacteristic of her. Her fans hope that breast enhancement will not derail her acting career as leaking implants can be disastrous.

Hayden Panettiere before and after plastic surgery

It should be noted that Hayden is a sensational actor, singer, and model whose looks can’t pass public scrutiny. The change of her appearance has caused speculation to whirl on whether she underwent surgery. There is an increasing number of celebrities who are embracing breast implants for various reasons, but many argue that Hayden didn’t have to undergo the cut. We too agree that it was unnecessary since she had an amazing figure that needed no augmentation. Plastic surgery can be effective means of enhancing looks for celebrities in society. However, care should be taken to avoid dangerous procedures that can lead into disaster.


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