Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery

Heather Dubrow plastic surgeron for a husband? Why not?

Heather Dubrow – life with plastic surgery expert

When you have money, you will spend it and when you have the luxury, you will enjoy your leisure time and in the same way, when a plastic surgeon is present right in your own house, why would you not like to shape your body according to your own desires. The same thing is happening in the case of famous star Heather Dubrow but in a quite different way. Well, the forty six years old pretty lady is married to a renowned plastic surgeon named Terry Dubrow. In fact, her husband hosted the famous show Botched in which he tried to improve the surgeries of patients who got a wrong experience with plastic surgery and they lost the beauty of their body instead of improving it through the procedure of the plastic surgery.

Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures

A the first thought, anybody can assume that Heather Dubrow would have some kind of plastic surgery as her husband is a plastic surgeon. As a matter of fact, the lady had a few procedures of plastic surgery like the correction of the popped out belly button as it usually happens to women after giving birth to children and she had also got Botox and also the Sculptra. The star of Real Housewives of Orange County clearly says that she had undergone certain plastic surgery procedures to maintain her figure and beauty after becoming the mother of four kids. She also admits that she had Botox when she got very thin. She revealed these secrets in an interview along with her husband.
Heather Dubrow before and after Plastic Surgery

In another interview, Heather Dubrow claimed that she cannot resist the complications associated with the breast implants and she says that there are certain changes which you must adapt as you grow old. She said that people gossip about her that she has no breast at all when she uploaded her bikini photo on the Instagram, but she says that she is pretty confident and relax with her overall appearance and personality.


It seems obvious when you think about it from two possible aspects. The first one is that when your husband is a plastic surgeon, you have all the convenience and ease to take any kind of plastic surgery. You have all the trust and facilities to get the procedure done. In fact, you don’t fear of getting anything wrong with your body when your own husband is performing all the procedure. The second thing is that Heather Dubrow belongs to the world of glamour and it is necessary for the star especially females to maintain her figure and beauty to stay in focus and highlighted all the time. When you move around in a community in which your colleagues are always critically examining your personality, it is essential to stay up to date. Another factor is the media which constantly keep an eye on you and it is impossible for famous stars to get an escape from the eye of the camera. In such a situation, plastic surgery of Heather Dubrow is neither a taboo nor an odd one.


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