Heather Locklear plastic surgery

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery – Nose Job & Breast Implants

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery – Nose Job & Breast Implants

Heather Locklear,55, plastic surgery was some hot topic of news a few years back because of her pretty looks and face. This attractive actress, whose shot to fame was with Melrose Place, was seen then in a restaurant in Beverly Hills with her changed face. Despite her roller coaster of life that involve relationships and breakups, she continues to defy her age. She has not gracefully aged in the traditional sense of that word, though. She is looking younger and fresher that she ever did before in her life.

Majority of female celebrities begin getting more attention concerning their probable plastic surgery as they reach their middle ages. And Heather Locklear is no exception. When she clocked 50, people began speculating about her possible plastic surgery. Majority of people recall her roles in TV shows like ” Dynasty”, and “TJ Hooker”.

Heather Locklear plastic surgery

Heather Locklear Botox Injections

When you look at her before and after photos, you see what plastic surgery has done to Heather Locklear. To eliminate lines and wrinkles, every celebrity first does a Botox. Looking at her recent photos, you will not find any signs of her aging on her face. It is all vanished. This cannot be done by any makeup or mother-natural blessing.

This must be the work of Botox fillers. Her face is very plump and fuller when you see the photos. Particularly in her forehead, the skin is both smooth and tight. It’s no wonder that Botox is utilized among many celebrities to eliminate wrinkles and lines. It works like a perfect charm. Perhaps you have seen those celebrities spotting frozen face after fillers were done. However, this is not the case with Heather Locklear, since it looks natural.

Heather Locklear before and after plastic surgery

Is Heather Locklear addicted to plastic surgery?

Other rumors concerned her nose. There is something unusual in her nose, and you may actually see this in her before and after photos. In her old photos, the nose was big. But now it is narrow and thin. This is because of a nose job.

Wendy Lewis, a plastic surgeon, commented that Heather Locklear’s face is a combination of dermal fillers and injections. And David Shafer, another celebrity plastic surgeon from New York opined that she looks stunning with the works carried out. The fuller cheeks and lips are as a result of the fillers. He added also that she certainly had something to her head.

Heather Locklear lips & eyelid plastic surgery

And the next thing you realize is that there is no baggy skin around the eyes. This must be the after effect of eyelid surgery, which helps her appear young at this age. Dr. Tony Young,

another plastic surgery expert, indicated that her lips were plumped up. It’s possibly due to Restylane. Her cheek now appears fuller when compared with the old one. She also received a tight jawline due to mini facelift.

Heather Locklear breast implants

People started also rumors concerning her breasts. They probably appear larger than before. This new chest must be the work of breast implants. Her “new breasts” suit her well. She looks stunning after the augmentation.

Heather Locklear plastic surgery results

It “decreased” her age, and she no longer looked like an over 50-year woman. Therefore, what can be said is that she had a successful plastic surgery. She did not end up messing her face through overly performing plastic surgery.

It looks her plastic surgeon carried out a perfect, normal work and this gave incredible results. Perhaps she selected the right surgeon to perform the work.

With the assistance of all these plastic surgery processes, Heather Locklear now looks gorgeous at this age.


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