Heidi Klum plastic surgery

Heidi Klum – How German model uses plastic surgery?

Heidi Klum – How German model uses plastic surgery?

Heidi Klum is a German model, actress, fashion designer and a television host. She is the mother of four kids and was previously married to the musician, Seal. Heidi has been working in the fields of modeling, acting, producing, designing and other business sectors. This German model gained the spot light when she was pictured in the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She gained further fame by becoming a part of Victoria’s Secret and was nominated for the Emmy award for Project Runway as ‘the outstanding host of a reality or reality-competition show’.

Moving on to the side of her beauty, HeidiKlum has undergone a number of works i.e. she has had a number of plastic surgeries, although Heidi has stated previously that she is scared of changing her physique too much and not remaining herself. Heidi has remained the attention focus of the public for a number of years and the procedures she has undergone to increase her beauty and to remove any signs of aging are as follows;

Heidi Klum plastic surgery

Breast augmentation:

Heidi has had breast implantation to improve her physique since she also had a past in the modelling field and primarily started her career as a German model. Previously, Karl Lagerfeld in 2009 agreed on a statement made by the German designer who commented on her as no runway model because she is simply too heavy and has too big a bust. Thus, it is said that Heidi has had a breast implantation done.

Laser treatment:

Although Heidi Klum had once stated in an interview that she dreamt of having a perfect family- with lots of children and a beautiful garden with trampolines in it but recently being a mother of four, she filed for divorce from her ex-husband Seal (a musician). Since then, according to certain sources, Heidi is planning to have a laser treatment in order to remove a tattoo from her right arm of her ex-husband Seal.

Future speculations about Heidi’s plastic surgeries:

It is speculated that Heidi Klum although being beautiful also had a nose job done, as was reported in the past by many sources. In the future it is considered that she will have facial filler injections in order to remove any symptoms of aging on her face.

Heidi Klum before and after plastic surgery (19)

Heidi, like many other international celebrities, has denied that she has had any sort of plastic surgery. In an interview at the age of 38, Heidi said that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery and doesn’t plan on having any plastic surgery or Botox in the future too. She also stated that everyone has a view of what’s pretty and according to her view having plastic surgery was not her definition of being pretty.

This active celeb like many others has had plastic surgery and continues to shine in the world of media as a model, producer, actress, fashion designer and now as a judge to be in America’s Got Talent. Having plastic surgery is quite common nowadays among these artists to intensify their beauty and to remain young.


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