Holly Madison plastic surgery

Holly Madison plastic surgery

Holly Madison Plastic Surgeries

Holly Madison was born on 23rd December the year 1979 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holly Madison is an American model, TV personality as well as a showgirl. She is popularly known for featuring in the reality TV movie called The Girls Next Door. Madison has also modeled in several popular pictorials and magazines.

Has Holly Madison had Plastic Surgery?

Holly Madison is one of the stars who confessed to getting plastic surgery, not many celebs have had cosmetic surgery and revealed of undergoing this procedure. Madison looks much different today than she did before. It actually seems that she has had some enhancements recently which have helped her retain her youthful looks.

Holly Madison plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Madison is speculated of having breast augmentation. She is known for her big bust which seems bigger for her slim body. When you look at her before pictures, Madison looked to have had smaller breasts which were not big enough to complement her physical appearance. People say that she decided to have breast implants so that she would secure her modeling career and also to give an extra vigor factor making her even more confident while in front of the cameras.

In her recent photos, Madison is seen to have a bigger bust which in some way suits her figure perfectly. The surgery seemed to have been a success. Another evidence that she has undergone breast augmentation procedure is the fact that she increased her bust size from a cup size of A to D. The increase of her breasts size made her reveal that she has gone for breast implants. She even confessed that she had the implants at a very young age and the outcomes made her feel satisfied.

Nose job

Looking at her before pictures, you will note that Madison had a rounder and wider nose although she still looked gorgeous with it. Looking at her recent photos, you will notice a slight change because her nose now looks more defined, narrower and with a pointed tip. Her nose job seems to be so fine and makes her upper nasal appear smaller. At times, her nose looks a bit unnatural, but the truth is the Madison looks stunning with it.

Once again, Madison confessed to not liking her old nose. She said that her nose appeared so broad and big whenever she was in front of the camera, and that is the reason she decided to go for a rhinoplasty to have it reconstructed through cosmetic surgery methods.

Holly Madison before and after plastic surgery


Madison is also believed to have used Botox injections. Looking at her before and after pictures, Madison remains natural and shows no signs of aging which clear evidence that she has used Botox injections. Women of her age should show aging signs, but the gorgeous model remains to have a fresh looking skin without any spots.


She is also speculated of having facelift procedures so as to get rid of any sagging skin around the jaw and neck area. She also appears to have a tight skin which is believed to be a result of a facelift. This is evident because at her age we should see some sagging skin around the eyes or in the neck area.


Madison did not shy away about her procedures. She said that she did them because she did not like her natural looks, but decided to modify herself with cosmetic surgery procedures.


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