Howard Stern plastic surgery

Howard Stern admits plastic surgery!

Howard Stern, what we should call this person, an American radio entertainer, TV Anchor Person, producer, author, actor or photographer? But, it is sign of proud for the American nation that these all qualities are equipped in this person and he is just sign of creativity. The 61 year old entertainment person is not so young now. The long shoulder curly hairs and stylish glasses on his face is his recognition. He has earned millions of his fans till dated and they can also catch his voice among the hundreds. He started his career from his university campus radio facility from year 1976 and developed a unique personality. He worked in several famous radio stations like the Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Michigan and even he also worked in live TV New channels during 1980s. He started the photography work since 2011 for a magazine and considered to be the highest paid entertainer personality of the age. His role as judge for America Got Talent cannot be ignored.

Howard Stern before and after plastic surgery

Howard Stern plastic surgery

The actor, radio host admitted to have had few surgeries in year 2006 to get rid of natural shape of his nose. He had nose face with split chin shape and his nose from the head was clearly having cut mark like the chin. Though, he did not let the news on any media channel due to fear of being considered interested in gays. Whatever, the actual thinking behind the plastic surgery, God knows better but the difference can easily be identified from close review of his photos in 2006 and the present ones.

Though, plastic surgery does not suit all. It only facilitates the few because the natural body is natural. God can create what humans cannot. He removed the chin split scars from his nose face and also had little face lifts. The facelifts have made his face even more frozen. The smile that was once prevailed on his face before 2005 has vanished. However, being a 61 years old man, he has same hair style that was in year 1992. It doesn’t make any sense. According to many critics, the radio entertainer uses some sort of wig or this is once again a charisma of science i.e. hair transplantation. All the clues for being aged person have been removed by this anchor person using the surgeries. He desires to be looked as young as he looked at the time of entering into this industry.

Howard Stern before and after nose job

There are number of celebrities who had undergone plastic surgeries but unfortunate results occurred. It is not always possible to have good and positive results of the surgery. It depends on the expertise of your surgeon and how far he examines your body and what he guides you in this regard. The results may go extremely wrong and horrible. In the case of Hunter Tylo, the outcomes were extreme horrible. She was so beautiful but plastic surgery made her face nightmare for her fans and herself. We hope and pray for health and life for Howard Stern as this industry needs him.



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