Hunter Tylo plastic surgery

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery gone wrong!

Looking one’s best especially when it comes to looks has a greater advantage in the world we are living today. To improve self-image many men and women who are unhappy with the way they look turn to plastic surgery for better results. Plastic surgery has been used to enhance the individual appearance and to make people feel better about themselves, for example, people born with physical deformities. However many people especially celebrities have turned into extreme makeovers which in some cases it doesn’t always turn out right as they expected. One of the best case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong is that of Hunter Tylo.

Hunter Tylo before and after plastic surgery

Hunter Tylo plastic surgery gone wrong

Hunter Tylo, A famous American actress and a former model before undergoing plastic surgery, was a natural born beauty and still a celebrity at her times. But after undergoing surgery variety of times she completely changed into a different person physically. Though she attributes her changes to be as a result of living a healthier lifestyle and being more responsible, the changes are so drastic such that it raises a lot of questions. Hunter is suspected to have had several plastic surgeries such as filler injection in her lips, Botox injection, Breast augmentation, cheek implants as well as a nose job.

Starting off with her facial features, Hunter’s nose before going under the knife was delightfully shaped but after having a nose job clearly indicating that she was not happy with the way it looked, the nose was to be shaped in a way that fitted with how the structure of the entire facial and cheek bone was. The nose is now narrow as compared to how it was before.

Her lips are also one of the most visible and drastic difference that can be seen which makes her entirely different. The lip fillers that she underwent made her lips much more plumber unlike before when they looked much lighter and prettier to her face.

Another feature that shows that Hunter Tylo underwent plastic surgery is her ever shining, smooth and non-aging skin showing that she had a Botox injection. Usually for people most especially celebrity a Botox injection procedure is carried out to reduce aging signs, therefore, a normal thing. But Hunter is suspected to have gotten an overdose Botox for her skin.

Hunter Tylo before and after plastic surgery 03

Her cheeks are too plump unlike her previous look before the surgery. The cheek implant has resulted to major changes to her face making the cheekbone much higher and her facial skin firm causing the cheeks to look more full and less alluring than they were before.

Hunter Tylo’s breasts before the plastic surgery were normally big since her young age, but when compared today they look unnatural as a result of breast augmentation. This is the only way to explain the more rounded and bigger breast that she has and which has also been done to other popular celebrity.

Plastic surgery can be risky and dangerous especially when done multiple times. It is one thing to change your body features using plastic surgery, and it is another to pay the price of the adverse effects it will bring to the body of the person undergoing it.


What do You think about Hunter Tylo plastic surgery? Is it a disaster of not? Did she go to far?



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