Ian Somerhalder plastic surgery

Ian Somerhalder is using plastic surgery?

Ian Somerhalder Plastic Surgeries

Ian Somerhalder was born on 8th December in the year 1978 in Louisiana, United States. At his youthful age, Ian was a model, but when he was 17, he decided to pursue acting. His first television debut was in the year 1997 in The Big Easy film. In 1998, he had an unaccredited role in the movie celebrity. He later got himself the first character on TV in Young Americans series after playing a guest role in the year 1999 in Now and Again film. He continued gaining recognition after a continued role in Smallville TV show. His most success came in 2009 after featuring in The Vampire Diaries up to date. He has featured in movies like Wake, Pulse, Lost and The Tournament.

Ian Somerhalder plastic surgery

Has Ian Somerhalder had Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures are something hard to hide from the 37-year-old American actor. He looks more unnatural than he was before. People are also curious about him and plastic surgery, and just like many male celebs, Ian is not an exception of plastic surgery procedures.

Botox Injection

Somerhalder currently looks flawless and very smooth. Despite him almost getting to his 40’s, this American actor still appears youthful compared to his actual age. You would even probably mistake him to somebody who is in the late twenties. This is also probably the reason he has got many teenage fans. Many people speculate that Ian must have had Botox injections procedures. When you compare his before pictures, you will notice that his recent appearance is more likely to be a result of Botox injections. In his recent photos, Ian appears to have a smooth and a wrinkle free face whereby in most celebrity plastic surgeries, such facial appearance is known to be involved with having Botox injections.

Ian Somerhalder before and after plastic surgery


Somerhalder is also said to be involved with facelift which made his face look tighter than it was there before. His face doesn’t appear very tight, but all we know is that his surgeon must have done a mini facelift that is why it looks not overdone but still remains natural. Usually, many people at his age have already started showing signs of aging, but for Ian, it is entirely different. He appears to be aging gracefully, and there are no signs of sagging skin which makes many people speculate that he must have had facelift procedures for him to maintain his handsome looks. His facelift is also said to have been involved with eye lift as well as a nose job.

Jaw Implant

Ian is said to be involved with jaw implants. When you compare his before pictures with his recent ones, you will notice that Ian’s face looks much defined and longer as well. His before pictures show him having an oval like facial appearance, but his new face looks perfectly defined with a stronger and protruding longer jaw which has a square shape. His jaw implants make his face appear cramped and refined as well. His jaw implants seem to have been perfectly done because he now looks more charming than he used to be.


Regardless of the fact that Ian has had his face reshaped, he still looks natural and very normal. Thanks to his surgeon because he did a great job.



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