Ivana Trump plastic surgery

Ivana Trump is still Beautiful. Is she using plastic surgery?

Ivana Trump is still Beautiful. Is she using plastic surgery?

Ivana Trump is best known as the first wife of Donald Trump, the current republican presidential nominee. However, her resume boasts a long list of accomplishments that make her a mogul in her own right. Ivana is a notable model who’s looks have been used to promote top fur companies and even the Olympic games. She has an ever-evolving eye for fashion. Her love for flair allowed her to play a leading role in the design of Trump Tower. Her name is synonymous with beauty and luxury, but her business savvy skills means she is also a woman with intellect. Ivana currently develops clothing, jewelry, and beauty products. She’s also written several books where she offers advice to women.

Ivana Trump plastic surgery

One of the perks of wealth is having access to notable plastic surgeons. With an estimated net worth of over $60 million, Ivana can indulge in all the plastic surgery she wants and even pay the people around her to keep news of her procedures under wrap.

When you look over Ivana’s past and present photos, it looks as though she has found the fountain of youth. She appears to be aging in a way that would make the average person a little envious. However, the trained eye can see that there is more at play than just good genes. Celebrities often undergo plastic surgery to make themselves feel better and to extend their careers. Ivana Trump owns and serves as the spokeswoman for several businesses. This means that she is a walking brand and it is better for business if she remains attractive and beautiful.

Ivana Trump plastic surgery procedures

Ivana’s most obvious enhancement are her fuller breasts. She reportedly went under the knife for a breast enhancement surgery in an effort to save her failing marriage with her second ex-husband. After carefully reviewing her before and after pictures, it appears that Ivana Trump has had a few run ins with plastic surgeons. Her lips and cheeks are both much fuller then they were in the past, leading us to assume she’s dabbled with facial fillers like Restalyn. It looks like Ivana is aging in reverse. Her skin is even tighter than it was 15 years ago. After comparing older photos with her more recent ones, it looks like she has had not only a face lift, but an eyebrow lift. Ivana’s face isn’t wrinkle free, but she has significantly less wrinkles than the average 67 year old. She probably takes frequent trips to the plastic surgeon for regular Botox injections. Considering Ivana’s high rank in society, she may not even have to step foot outside her door. There are plenty of specialists who’d gladly make a trip to her home to administer treatment.

Ivana Trump before and after plastic surgery

Perception is an important part of branding, and Ivana knows this. As a woman who has devoted her life to beauty and luxury, it is important that she continues to look like the style maven that she is. Like most celebs, Ivana doesn’t comment on her physical enhancements. However, the camera does not lie.


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