Ivanka Trump plastic surgery

Ivanka Trump – fashion model uses Plastic Surgery?

Ivanka Trump is not only a sizzling former fashion model, but also a business woman, writer and heiress. She was born in 1981 in New York City. The 32 years old, Ivanka is the daughter of a famous businessman Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. It was very important for her to become something on her own before she joined the famous family business. She got married in 2009 to a famous businessman, Jared Kushner. The couple has two kids now and they are happily married. Despite the fact that she left her modeling career, she is still a role model for many women.

This beautiful business woman always manages to look stunning, how she maintains her looks is a different story. According to rumors she has been undergoing different plastic surgeries in order to keep herself young and beautiful. All these speculations started when she made an appearance on the Golden Globe awards and everyone noticed the visible difference in her face.

Ivanka Trump before and after breast augmentation

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

It is said that she has gone under multiple surgeries. Let’s start with her nose plastic surgery. Her nose in the recent pictures seems to be more defined and it seems perfect from every angle when compared to the nose in her previous pictures. Likewise, you can see the effects of constant Botox injections. After all it is not possible that you have no wrinkles on your face while you are reaching your mid 30’s. The difference in her skin texture is also very prominent. Her skin is becoming fresher and better with every passing day. We don’t think this is possible without regular dose of Botox injections.

Since she is already familiar with the experience of a surgeon’s knife, she wouldn’t mind getting under it again. In her recent pictures we also saw the prominent change in her chin. Her chin looks shaper and rather than making her look ugly, we believe it has added to her beauty. Her fans are also of the same believe, they think that whatever she has done with her chin, it has made her look more beautiful. She has also undergone liposuction cosmetics in order to maintain her weight. Rumors also say that Ivanka has gotten her face lifted.

Ivanka Trump before and after plastic surgery

Besides altering her facial features, Ivanka Trump has gotten some plastic surgery done on her body. It is rumored that she got a breast augmentation plastic surgery done. Although, she claims otherwise but the difference between her breast size is very visible. Anyone who has seen her previously can make out the drastic change in her current breast size.

Getting plastic surgeries done is nothing new in the fashion industry, but getting so many plastic surgeries done at such a young age might cause trouble at a later age. According to different experts, she might be able to get effective results at the moment, but with time the results won’t have such a drastic impact. It is also rumored that she takes medicines in order to retain the effect of her so many plastic surgeries.


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