Jane Fonda plastic surgery

Jane Fonda everlasting with help of plastic surgery

Jane Fonda is one of the most popular and well-known actresses of mid 1960’s. This 76 year old glamorous actress, yet has a vibrant and a younger look than her age. Besides acting, she is involved in modeling and writing.

It is greatly surprising that at her 76’s, she is very strong and quite slim. Even the age can not influence her strength and beauty very much. Her quite smooth and tight face and puffed up breast gave birth to the rumor of her getting plastic surgeries. Let’s see how much true the speculation of her plastic surgeries is.


Jane Fonda before and after plastic surgery

Face Lift

In her lifetime, twice Jane Fonda has gone under the knife to have a face lift. So, she looks more energetic and younger than her age. Yet, after the face lift, Jane Fonda has some wrinkles on her face. About this matter Jane Fonda has spoken and according to her speech- she has insisted her plastic surgeons to keep the wrinkles visible in her face. She had not used the overdose of the plastic surgery to get unreal and unnatural smooth face. Rather, she preferred to get a younger but a natural look with natural aging wrinkles after the plastic surgeries. She just tried to remove the bags under her eyes to remove the aging tiredness from her face.

Breast Implants

Jane Fonda had a breast implant surgery in the early age of her career. So, her breasts are yet puffed up and big compared to her age and condition.

Butt Implant

The hip of Jane Fonda is totally unnatural and fake. Her butt has been implanted through surgery and she has not denied the truth of her butt implant. Though, she does not feel proud of these plastic surgeries of her, but she has always confessed about her plastic surgeries with great honesty.

Chin Lift

Recently, Jane Fonda has gone through the chin lift procedure to refine her jaw line. It has brought a fundamental change in her appearances. She looks much different than her previous old look. It seems her age has been reduced by decade after this plastic surgery of chin lift.

Artificial Knee

It is probably known to all that Jane Fonda has artificial knees, which are made of titanium. She has made this change in her body get a strong framework. She does not want to be weak physically as she is not old mentally. This mentally strong and young 76 years old lady went through the plastic surgery procedures several times to get stronger and younger look and frame of her body.

Jane Fonda before and after plastic surgery

Reasons Behind Getting Plastic Surgeries

In this recent time, celebrities apply plastic surgery procedures to enhance their beauty or to manipulate their popularity through the trendy look got by plastic surgeries. But, the reason of getting plastic surgeries by Jane Fonda is quite interesting, different and logical. She considers that her mind is too young compared to her age. So, she thinks that her physical outlook and her mind should be consistent regarding to the age. Therefore, she had got the plastic surgeries to match her physical appearance to her mind condition.


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