Jane Seymour plastic surgery

Jane Seymour admitted using Plastic Surgery

Jane Seymour admitted using Plastic Surgery

Jane Seymour is a British-American actress who has featured in many Hollywood runaway successes. Her career began with a minor role in the year 1969 when she featured in a movie called What a Lovely War. She has featured in various movies making her get many awards in favor of her career in various TV series and movies.

At the age of 64, Jane Seymour like many other stars has started showing signs of aging. However, she said that her aging signs had got nothing to do with plastic surgery treatments which she underwent some time back during her career. The actress admitted she had done some eye lift and breast augmentation in the recent past. However, she revealed that she would not take any more cosmetic procedures. From her before and recent pictures, we can tell that the actress has undergone regular surgery procedures despite her opposing the speculations.

Jane Seymour plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Jane Seymour is believed to have gone for breast implants so as to improve her beauty in a perfect manner. Her recent pictures show that her breast size has increased compared to her before pictures, and this has made her body shape look amazing and more beautiful. When the actress was asked whether she has gone for breast implants, she admitted to the speculations. She even posed for a photo wearing a hot bikini in one of her movie’s which confirmed the speculations about her plastic procedures to be true other than a rumor. Seymour’s before photo showed her breast to be a cup size and quite flat, but her recent photos show that her breasts size are one cup bigger. Her breast job procedure was a hundred percent perfect, and it is true to say that she was lucky the implant was not overdone thus making her retain a natural look.

Botox and Blepharoplasty

Seymour opposes having used Botox injections, but from her before and after pictures, you will notice that her face has not changed leaving us the question whether she has used Botox. It is evident that the actress has used Botox regularly that is why her face has remained the same for more than eleven years. The actress is also speculated to have gone for eyelift. She admitted going for the procedure but hated it. The actress before photos shows that she had bulging eyes and that is why she admitted she went for eyelid surgery to get rid of those baggy eyes.

Jane Seymour before and after plastic surgery


Jane is also rumored to have gone for a facelift. At her age, we expect to see a woman with many wrinkles, but what we see from her recent pictures is a woman with few wrinkles. Even if she denies having gone for a facelift, it is evident from what we can see that the actress used facelift procedure to get rid of some wrinkles.

Jane Seymour has maintained that her good looking body shape is a result of proper diet as well as workouts. However, from what we can see from her before and after pictures is totally different because apart from the procedures she has taken, her stylish appearance having stunning facial looks has been speculated to be a result of Botox injection as well as a facelift.


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