Janet Jackson plastic surgery

Janet Jackson is relaying on plastic surgery?

Celebrities around the world are relying on cosmetic treatments in order to hide their flaws or real age. They tend to undergo multiple surgeries to look young and beautiful. Although some of them have maintained their glow through proper exercising and healthy diet, but most of them now take help from surgeons to maintain their youth.

Janet Jackson, the youngest Jackson’s has undergone different surgeries. People believe that hers was a Rhythm Nation transformation. She didn’t make any public appearance for almost 2 months in 2013, but when she finally did come out, the change in her appearance was very obvious. Everyone was surprised to see the drastic difference in her looks. According to some of the top plastic surgeons and beauty experts, w recent disappearance was more than what meets the eye. Chances are she was recovering from all the plastic surgeries.

Janet Jackson before plastic surgery

Janet Jackson plastic surgery

We can clearly see in her current pictures that her nose has become pointed a little narrow as compared to her older pictures. According to Zara Harutyuyan COMRN, a celebrity aesthetic specialist, Janet Jackson has gotten her nose job done and not once but at least twice. The changes that are made in her nose are very prominent and they require more than one surgery. Beside the nose job, Harutyunyan also believe that she has gotten cheek implants. Her cheeks have become more firm.

Another expert, Dr.Terry Dubrow was consulted regarding the Janet Jacksons surgeries and he said that when we look at her earlier pictures we can see that her nose and breast give the artificial look. However, overtime either the things have blended in or technology has become advance. He also said the key today is to get your surgery done without showing any signs.

During an interview that took place back in 2006, the 48 year old pop diva did admit that she got her nose job done when she was 16 years old. When the interviewer asked her whether she would do it again, she said that she doesn’t plan to but one can never be sure. Sister of late Michael Jackson also said that she has personally seen a lot of women pulled and snatched, and she doesn’t find that cute. But it seems, Janet Jackson has finally joined the league of those pulled and snatched women. But the question here is, does she find herself cute or not?

Janet Jackson before and after plastic surgery

Other rumors say that she also got a nip-tuck operation in order to get rid of all the extra weight from her waist and abs. This rumor started back in 2006, when Janet gained almost 60 pounds and she lost that weight rather quickly. When she was question regarding the motivation that made her lose weight that quickly, she said she didn’t like herself at all. She had stopped looking at the mirror because she didn’t want to get herself use to that appearance. So, she did some very extensive exercise and followed good dietary plans in order to lose all that weight.


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