Jenna Dewan plastic surgery

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery or Is It Our Imagination?

Did Jenna Dewan Get Plastic Surgery or Is It Our Imagination?

Getting plastic surgery in Hollywood has become as common as going down to the grocery store to get milk. Everyone does it all the time. Funnily enough, hiding the fact that they’ve had plastic surgery is done is just as common. In fact, if hiding these procedures were an Olympic sport, then all of Hollywood’s elite would be gold medalists. And Jenna Dewan seems to have joined their ranks.

Did Jenna Dewan Get Plastic Surgery?

First, we have to be honest. Jenna Dewan never publicly admitted that she’s had any form of plastic surgery procedure. However, we beg to disagree because one glance at her before and after photos and you can clearly see something is different. And we aren’t talking hair color or lipstick here.

Jenna Dewan plastic surgery

After all, it’s a bit difficult to change important features without resorting to plastic surgery. If anyone’s found a way to change the shape of their nose or improve their cheekbones without resorting to the scalpel, please let us know because we’ll sign up for said procedure right away.

So, we definitely have to say that yes, Jenna Dewan has had some work done. In regards to what work that is, we can only speculate based on those before and after photos and what we think is different about her.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Jenna Dewan Undergo?

First off, we feel it necessary to point out that Jenna Dewan is a beautiful woman and she was just as beautiful before she got her upgrades. So, while we really think she didn’t need them, at the same time, we know how much more confident you can feel after getting a little work done. From that standpoint, we say go Jenna for doing it and ignoring all the catty remarks from various directions about her not loving herself and other silly things like that.

Now, if you check out Jenna Dewan’s before and after photos, you’ll notice her cheeks look a little different and so does her nose. So, it’s likely she either got cheek implants or she’s been resorting to injectables to plump up her cheeks a little. The latter is quite likely because the wrinkles around her mouth have been smoothed out a fair bit too.

Regarding her nose, it’s clearly narrower than it was before. It also looks like the tip of her nose is more centered, but then that could be due to the angle of the camera. However, the width has definitely gone down.

Jenna Dewan before and after plastic surgery

Another procedure that she definitely got done is in the bust region. Her breasts seemed to expand overnight, which cannot be explained by anything natural other than plastic surgery. But we have to admit, they really do look good on her.

So, Jenna Dewan has clearly had some plastic surgery done as evidenced by her before and after photos. However, it doesn’t really matter because she didn’t go overboard and make herself look like a mannequin with no expression on her face like some celebrities do. She might not have been totally subtle but what she did get done only enhanced her looks. So, once again, we say: Go, Jenna!


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