Jenna Jameson plastic surgery

Jenna Jameson plastic surgery for adult movie star

Jenna Jameson is one of Hollywood celebrities rumored to have undergone one of the highest number of plastic surgeries in Hollywood. You Might surely be wondering just why she would want to do any of this surgeries in the first place so before you go around judging or condemning her it is important to understand her line of work. Jenna is a former adult film actress who among her counterparts rose to one of the world’s most popular adult film entertainers. In her previous line of work huge curves and strangely narrower noses is considered beautiful. So I would say she did whatever it is she had to do to keep her beauty at an all-time high throughout her career. Jenna is said to have gone through a number of cosmetic surgeries including : buttock augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose job), breast implants surgery, vaginoplasty and a chin augmentation.

Jenna Jameson before and after plastic surgery

Did Jenna Jameson do an buttock augmentation?

Nobody can say this for sure however since she has been in the adult film industry for a long time was quite easy to notice the difference overnight bottom size change. Before she went under the knife her bottom was not quite large and high as they are now. So you can conclude it yourself that is not just by chance or a miracle. The procedure involves adding implants to make bottoms bigger and more attractive. You can easily notice this by looking at Jenna Jameson, plastic surgery, before and after pictures which you can easily find online.

Why Jenna Jameson got rid of her Breast implants?

Jenna also had breast implants but she decided to get rid of them. She personally talked to the US weekly after having her implants removed on August 1 2007 to explain why she did it. Jenna told US weekly that the implants were making her uncomfortable and she just needed herself back because she was tired about feeling shy in the beach. The implants had given her cup size D boobs which was meant to market her in the adult film industry but since she was quitting she no longer needed them.

Rhinoplasty gone wrong

This is one surgery that Jenna Jameson did but did her more harm than good. Many people argue that Jenna actually looked way better before than after her nose job something I also agree. If you look at her photos before and after the surgery am very sure you will also be convinced it was not worth it.

Jenna Jameson before and after plastic surgery

Jenna underwent Vaginoplasty

You might actually be wondering what is vaginoplasty ; it is a reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedure of the vulvo-vaginal structures, the vaginal canal and its mucous membranes. It is one of the craziest type of surgery one can even think of doing unless for medical reasons. So if you think she is crazy then you to understand just how demanding the adult film industry is on its actresses.

Chin augmentation

Jenna Jameson is also rumored to have undergone chin augmentation; a procedure which involved the modification of the underlying structure of her face to give it better balance of facial features. The Success of Jenna’s surgeries ranges from good to worst for example the Bottom augmentation was quite successful but her chin augmentation backfired making her look even worse than before after a short time.


What do You think about Jenna Jameson plastic surgery? To be honest I am kind a nostalgic about her. When I started working on this article I thought that i would like to see how she aged naturally cause she was the best looking girl when I was in high school. I think she was the only one i new the name of.



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