Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery

Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery for puffy looks

About Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is an American actress, producer and film director. She was born on 02/11/1969. She became famous playing Rachel Greene on popular TV show “Friends” for which she won numerous awards. Some of the movies she did are “Marley and Me”, “Bruce almighty”, “Just Go With It” and “Horrible Bosses”. She still has her youth appearance and now that she is 46 years old many wonder – Has Jennifer Aniston had plastic surgery?



On many pictures it was obvious that she has done some procedures. Rumors started when her breasts suddenly got bigger and her lips got fuller. One other thing public suspected was a nose job or so called rhinoplasty.
For a long time Jennifer was hiding cosmetic surgeries. Finally, on Conan O’Brien show, Jennifer Aniston confirmed the rumors and revealed the truth that she has undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures for improving her beauty. Many people where just waiting to hear that. Since she was keeping it a secret for so long she was probably sick of hiding them all.

Jennifer Aniston then and now

Plastic surgery

Botox and fillers

Looking at older and new pictures it is assumed that she has used some kind of fillers (probably botox) because her face, especially around her eyes, nose and cheeks is a lot tighter and puffy. At her age it is expected to see some skin hang but it’s all completely tight. Her chin is not round as it used to be. It is considerably smaller and it looks better. Overall, she hasn’t gone over the edge using botox like Heidi Montag or Joan Rivers so she kept her natural look.
Jennifer Aniston before and after plastic surgery

Nose surgery – rhinoplasty

Very subtle changes were noticeable on her nose. Rhinoplasty happened probably in early start of her TV career. Bridge of her nose now seems straighter and a lot narrower than before. Thinner nose contributed to better overall look.

Jennifer Aniston before and after nose job

Breast augmentation

One of the most visible changes on her body are definitely breasts. On early photos they were not nearly big as today. Obviously Jennifer Aniston wonted her breasts to look tight and huge. She has never confessed of doing that but she claims that there was no plastic surgery but her huge breasts are purely natural result.

Jennifer Aniston before and after breast augmentation

Cosmetic procedures – laser peel

One other thing she does is laser peel – burning off the top layer of skin with expensive laser. The procedure cost’s around 1,000 $. After the procedure Jennifer Aniston has to go into hiding for eight days.


Jennifer Aniston definitely takes care of her looks. All of her procedures were done professionally and without exaggeration. Changes are done in subtle way so they are almost impossible to spot. As we always suspected, procedures were done and probably she will continue to use plastic surgeons for different things to keep her beauty and young look. We hope that Jennifer Aniston will not go over the edge using plastic surgery procedures and end like some of her colleagues in plastic surgery went wrong category. As of lately Jennifer is in a relationship with Justin Theroux and he wouldn’t be happy if she had another plastic surgery.

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