Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery

Jennifer Connelly Plastic surgery

Jennifer Connelly Plastic surgery

There is always some special news we are hearing about Hollywood actors and actresses in the way of breaking news in the media. We are much concerned about their personal life and relations. Celebrities are also many times trying to get them in limelight and them self by spreading some news of their or changing their appearances.

Here, some are rumors and some are real news. The same happened in the case of Jennifer Connelly’s look when it was completely changed. However, she denied that she never did any surgery and it is just a rumor, but the changed look was saying that she may get help from plastic surgery to shape her nose and reduced her breasts size.

Jennifer Connelly is very popular actresses of Hollywood and born on 12th December, 1970 in Cairo, New York, USA. She started her acting career from her childhood only and performed many dynamic roles in films. She also won the Oscar award of “Best supporting actress” in 2002 for “A beautiful Mind

Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery

People came to know about her new look, when she attended one Oscar event where her look was different from her previous look. Her nose previously narrowed instead of rounded nose with wide nasal tip.

Her nose also looks shorter compared to before surgery and also appearing thinner. That’s why people assumed that she may be gone through plastic surgery to change her look. Though she was not at all agreeing on her plastic surgery news, doctors were saying that it may possible that she had a rhinoplasty. It is the surgery for the nose. Jennifer’s nose was looking very shaped and narrowed compare to her previous wider nose.

Like her nose surgery, there was also news of Jennifer that she also had a breast reduction surgery. This was also a rumor according to her publicist. As her breast size was large about 34D, she had a breast implant surgery to reduce the size of the breast. But after breast implant surgery, she has B cup size instead of 34D size and it was looking beautiful as compare to 34D size. According to her publicist, she has never gone through any breast reduction surgery, but she loosed her large weight by exercise and that’s why her look was changed. It might be possible that she loosed her weight because her before and after look was also displaying her parts of body like arms, face, waist were became smaller.

Jennifer Connelly before and after plastic surgery

Another news also of Jennifer that she was using Botox Injections to hide her signs of aging. This injection is used to remove wrinkles on the face by temporarily paralyzing muscles of the face. But we can’t say that it was a very big concern as compare to plastic surgery of nose and breast because many actors and actresses are using this type of injection nowadays.

No matter that Jennifer had a nose surgery or breast surgery or it was completely rumor, we should praise her for providing precious entertainment to the whole world and for achieving some milestones in Hollywood as well as from entire modeling industry.


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