Jennifer Flavin plastic surgery

Jennifer Flavin Sylvester Stallone’s wife uses Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Flavin Sylvester Stallone’s wife uses Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Flavin plastic surgery may not be the best, but we should acknowledge that she looks good with the help of plastic surgery. It is true that the wife of the movie star Sylvester Stallone is aging in style but some procedures have helped her looking even better with age. It is clear that Jennifer is getting a lot benefit from this procedures. She looked good at her younger age, but with the help of cosmetic surgery, the actress has changed and is looking more beautiful and is among the beautiful women who are looking great with use of plastic surgery procedures. Looking at her pictures trough the years, Jennifer Flavin cannot deny that she has had plastic surgery.

Jennifer Flavin plastic surgery

Jennifer Flavin Botox

Botox procedure has made Jennifer have an appealing and amazing look. Many celebrities have had their face ruined through plastic surgery, but for Jennifer, she looks great with the Botox injection. Botox has removed wrinkles around her eyes and mouth area. Her forehead also looks lifted which shows a change when you compare her before and after photos. It is true to say that Botox has given her an amazing look. Botox has prevented Jennifer from getting facial lines as well as wrinkles. She has been using Botox treatment together with other skin additives so as to have a tight skin. Her skin is supposed to be sagging at her age, but that is not what is happening, and this suggests that she has been using plastic surgery procedures to help her maintain her beauty the same.

Breast Implants

For a woman who has had three kids, their breasts should look sagging, but this is not what we see with Jennifer Flavin. Even after having three children, Jennifer’s breasts are still perky and full. It is with no doubt that the actress has had a breast implant that is why her breasts are still in this look. She has not gone for the big breasts that many celebrities go for, but they are much perky and high for a natural appearance. They look good for her; however, it is very clear that they are a result of plastic surgery.

Jennifer’s Facial Filler

Jennifer is said to have had a plastic surgery facial filler so as to enhance the size of her chin and lip area. Her lips are still full and pout even at her age which explains she has undergone facial filler. Often, people at her age should show signs of a grin chin and lip. Her chins have been well filled. Pictures show that she has a more and well-advanced chin because of having fillers in the chin area.

Jennifer Flavin plastic surgery 23 with Silvester Stalonne

Nose job

Pictures also show that she had some nose job surgery. She has a narrow and flimsy nose, though most people say she has advanced it to make it sharper at the tip. Jennifer’s before and after pictures shows the nose job surgery openly.

The plastic surgery procedure has made Jennifer Flavin to look gorgeous. She remains attractive and youthful even after having a family and a career to look after as well.


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