Jennifer Garner plastic surgery

Jennifer Garner – Did she had any plastic surgery done?

Hollywood celebrities are definitely setting trends for other celebrities and normal people around the world, and now, more and more rumors circulating around forums and blogs about Jennifer Anne Garner’s plastic surgery have taken place. Celebrities and their great looks and appearance are often, not as natural as you might think. Almost all of them have used plastic surgery in one or another way to improve their looks or keep their youthful appearance.

According to latest news and reports, beautiful actress and producer, Jennifer Ann Garner, born on 17 April 1972 has gone under plastic surgery procedures to improve her looks.

Jennifer Garner, who has won many awards now becomes one of the celebrities on the plastic surgery list. Rumors have started after some of her fans have noticed changes in her looks on several appearances and events. Changes make them think that she had nose job or rhinoplasty, lip augmentation (probably using Botox) and dental surgery. Even though she never talks about doing any plastic surgery procedures, people are not certain weather she did plastic surgery operations or not. Now, after we compare before and after images it’s up to you to decide if she went for it or not.

Jennifer Garner before and after plastic surgery

Jennifer Garner plastic surgery

Comparing Jennifer Garner’s before and after pictures it is obvious that her looks have changed. Some plastic surgery professionals say that she went for dentistry surgery, rhinoplasty (nose job) and lips augmentation. Garner, now 42 years old, now has a more refined tip of her nose. She also now has a wider bridge than before. Her lips are now large and on older images it is visible that her lips are thinner and not so full. Such result are almost always result of using Botox injections and fillers and it is almost impossible for a 42 year old woman to achieve such lips in natural way. After this comparison, our opinion is – Yes she definitely used plastic surgery! Now, a lot of her fans compare her lips with Angelina Jolie’s beautiful lips. Now she has a flattering and beautiful smile.

One there is one more thing that leads to rumors among her fans and that is her glowing white teeth. Looking at her latest photographs, plastic surgery experts think she had dental surgery done as well.

Jennifer Garner before and after plastic surgery

In the end, if we take a look at her facial skin. Her face seems almost perfect. There are no wrinkles or any other signs of aging so our opinion is that she might have used Botox or other fillers to make her face look so smooth. In this way she keeps her youthful appearance and she looks almost 10 years younger.

If You ask as if her plastic surgery is a success – we say Yes it Is. It has been done in to improve her looks and it makes her look more beautiful and younger. Without deeper analysis it would be impossible to notice changes from plastic surgery so it has been done in the right way and without exaggeration.


What is Your opinion on Jennifer Garner plastic surgery? Do you think she did it? Was it successful?



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