Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey and nose plastic surgery

How nose surgery affected Jennifer Grey’s career

The career of Jennifer Grey was more than interesting. She was born on March 26, 1960 in the Jewish family. Both parents were part of acting world, as they both had experience in the entertaining industry. It is no wonder why Jennifer decided to follow their path.

First steps in New York City were interesting for the whole family. Jennifer attended a private school in Manhattan where she learned the basics of acting and dancing. Her talent was obvious and people around suggested her to continue with education. The progress was easier with the right approach of the teachers from Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. This is where she found out that acting would be her primary occupation. Her career started to get the solid ground for future success. Films like “The Cotton Club“, “Red Dawn“, “Dirty Dancing” and many others gave her credit to consider herself as a real Hollywood star. At the same time, the popularity brings some concerns about the overall appearance.

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

“Dirty Dancing” and rhinoplasty

If you remember Jennifer Grey‘s look in the evergreen classic “Dirty Dancing“, you can notice an important detail. Her role sent her to the world of famous actresses at that time. One thing gave her specific look. It was her nose. Slightly bigger nose with the noticeable bump is the look we all recall when we talk about the “Baby” character from “Dirty Dancing“. It was her signature during the whole fame after the movie release. Everyone talked about her authentic look and the powerful character. Her nose was part of her identity. During early 1990’s, everything changed.

Jennifer decided to completely change the nose with the help of rhinoplasty. The operation happened in the middle of her active career. It was a reason of a huge disappointment. Nose surgery completely changed her appearance. She was not anymore a super star we all used to see on the screen. She became one of the million average faces we can see on the street. The surgery made her look different in every aspect. Even her confidence level changed. In many interviews, she mentioned how rhinoplasty turned her from a star into an anonymous person. It was like becoming invisible in a single day.

Jennifer Grey before and after plastic surgery

Her appearance was totally different. The plastic surgery changed the whole base of the nose in order to make the nose smaller. At the same time, the most noticeable difference was bump removal, which affected the overall face. Not only her face changed, but the complete self-image changed as well. After the plastic surgery, Jennifer Grey wanted to take a new name. She was thinking about completely new identity and career. Fortunately, it did not happen and we still know her as the same old Jennifer Grey. This time, with the new look that shocked her fans and herself with the same intensity.

In this case, we can see how nose surgery strongly affected Jennifer Grey‘s life. It is a life changing moment that seems to really impact the complete self-confidence. Was the nose job necessary for such a unique actress? Her fans agree it was not.


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