Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic surgery

Jennifer Love Hewitt denies having plastic surgery

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s love for her appearance

Jennifer Love Hewitt an American actress and a singer who have many incredible performances on her behalf. She is famous for her role in TV show, Party of Five and many more.
Jennifer Love was born on Feb. 21, 1979, in the state of Texas. She started her showbiz career as a child star on Disney’s Kids and with the advent of 1992, she released her first album, love songs.

Denial of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is among those celebrities who have undergone through cosmetic surgery for a prettier face and physical appearance. Jennifer Love is enjoying a contented married life with her husband who is also an American actor, Brian Hallisay. Though she is a mother of a child but she still retains a perfect figure. With a voluptuous body it was previously expected that would never undergo a plastic surgery, but Jennifer Love always denied the truth that she has experienced any kind of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Love Hewitt after plastic surgery

Photos revealed the truth

Though Jennifer Love is a celebrity famous for her hot sexy body but it has been found to make her body perkier and brisker she has undergone a few surgeries and implantations. It has been a shocking truth for the showbiz media that what made this splendid hot body celebrity to undergo plastic surgery.
Jennifer Love is a personality who has a god gifted sexiest body with natural curvaceous figure that do not require any kind of plastic surgery as this is what the celebrity herself admitted but the comparison of the recent and past photo shoots proved that whatever be the reason but this actress has definitely gone through a cosmetic surgery for her nose job and also a breast implantation.

Plastic surgery jobs and Jennifer Love

To talk about Jennifer’s newer body shape, it has been found that this hot actress has gained more curves and attraction in her body by undergoing Liposuction.


Liposuction is a process of extracting the extra fats from one’s body. Speculations about Jennifer Love have spread the media like a burning fire. This reality arose for the first time when Jennifer Love posed for the magazine-Maxim. In the photo shoots for this magazine her figure seems more slender and her hips and arms seemed much thinner than before. No doubt that Jennifer is continuously with her words that she has not undergone any liposuction but the hidden truth is beyond her statement.

Nose job

The best way to do the nose job is Rhinoplasty. It is being speculated that Jennifer Love has also gone through the Rhinoplasty experience because her original bulbous nose has now turned to a pointed shape and size. Tough there is no verification of this fact from the celebrity’s side but the strong rumors lead their way to reality.

Jennifer Love Hewitt before and after breast implants

Breast augmentation

Beside the other minor cosmetic surgeries, Jennifer Love has also tried the breast enlargement surgery. The prescribed injectable and the treatment of Botox is nothing new for Jennifer Love. While having a perfect figure naturally, the requirement of this surgery is not considered necessary for this celeb and that’s why she has been showing continuous denial to this job done.
Whatever be the truth or how much blunt is the reality but the fans of Jennifer Love showed no eye brow raising for all her activities and commented that ‘the bigger they are the better they seem to be’, thus ending all the controversies related to her cosmetic surgeries.


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