Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery

Jenny McCarthy – Plastic Surgery for Playboys playmate

Jenny McCarthy whose real name is Jennifer Ann McCarthy has a very successful career in television, movies and modelling. Aside been one of the most popular Playboy Models, She had gone on to host several Television shows including the popular MTV show “Singled Out”.

Jenny McCarthy is one of the Celebrities in the Entertainment World who has been bold enough to admit having Plastic Surgery work on her appearance. From her pictures before and after, the following are the Plastic Surgery procedures that Jenny McCarthy must have undergone to get her new look.

Jenny McCarthy before and after plastic surgery

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery

Botox implant and fillers

Jenny McCarthy had openly talked about Botox treatments. At the age of 41 she is looking extremely young with glowing skin. A look through her skin will not reveal any sign of aging, not even the slightest. Her facial skin does not sag or drop. She has openly credited her Botox treatments for her new, young and fresh look. The good news about Jenny McCarthy’s Botox treatment is that she has never fallen into the categories of Celebrities who have suffered from a bad Botox treatment. She has advised that taking Botox treatment in small and light quantities has worked the trick for her. Fillers are injectables that help smoothen lines like forehead furrows that are caused by the acts of smiling or frowning. Fillers help restore the contours of the face by padding face wrinkles and folds as well as replacing lost volume. Jenny McCarthy also had fillers to improve her facial appearance.

Breast implants

Jenny McCarthy has been open about her Breast implants as well. When she started her modelling career for playboy and was required to do nude modelling, she desired to get bigger breasts for the Photo shoots. She had breast implants alongside virtually all Playboy Models. In the year 2009, she decided to remove her breast implants but unsurprisingly, she got another sets of implants. The new set of breast implants are bold, they have significantly increased her breast size and is evident in her new pictures. Her breasts look unnaturally large and round. If you look at her pictures, it is even possible to see the breast implant lines.

Jenny McCarthy before and after plastic surgery

Nose job

This is one fact that can only be resolved by looking at her pictures, before and after. Jenny has refused to openly accept this but comparing recent pictures with old ones reveal a remarkable difference in nose structure. The bridge of her nose looks straighter and the tip looks sharper. There is also a size change in the size of her nose. It appears thinner than it was before. Many Plastic Surgeons have publicly stated that Jenny had a nose job to give her an attractive and perky nasal tip. According to Dr Salzhauer, Jenny McCarthy’s nose appears a little bit pinched to be natural. The Doctor suggested that it is evidence of a Plastic Surgery.

Suggestions regarding why Jenny McCarthy had plastic surgery

Several of Jenny McCarthy’s fans have come up with suggestions regarding why she had plastic surgeries. Some of the arguments canvassed are:

1. Insecurity about her body:
Virtually all Playboy models have insecurity about their body. Since she was required to take pictures for the Playboy Magazine, she decided to have breast implants to look more attractive.

2. Age:
Some fans of Jenny McCarthy are of the opinion that age was the reason why she had botox treatments and fillers.

3. Competition:
Some of her fans also believe that the Hollywood Plastic Surgery Competitive attitude could have played an influential role in Jenny’s Plastic Surgeries.


Tell us what You think about Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery. Do all Playmates have to do it?



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