Jessica Biel plastic surgery

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgeries for fixing the little imperfections?

Jessica Biel Plastic Surgeries

For many years now the stars of Hollywood have been getting plastic surgery to make themselves more appealing, and not all have gone great. Some Hollywood stars have gotten awful lip injections, making their lips look swollen, but in the case of Jessica Biel things have gone great. The already beautiful Biel took to plastic surgery to make herself even more goddess like, and it worked! It is speculated that Biel has had a few plastic surgery operations in her life, but she hasn’t confirmed if they are true or not, leaving us only to make our own assumptions.

Nose job?

Many people are saying that Biel has had plastic surgery just like many other celebrities, because the longevity of her beauty would be impossible otherwise. Throughout Biel’s career she has seamlessly seemed to never age. One speculated alteration of Jessica Biel is a Rhinoplasty. Earlier in Biel’s career she is pictured to have a rounder nose, and now she has a sharper, thinner, more feminine type nose that could have only come from cosmetic reconstruction. Even though Biel won’t admit to it, we believe that she went under the knife to achieve the wonderful nose she has now.
Jessica Biel after breast augmentation (1)

Lip injections?

Jessica Biel’s alleged nose job is not the only thing that many have suspected she has received. Biel is also suspected of getting lip injections. In October of 2007 Jessica Biel is pictured with thin lips, and by January 2008 Jessica Biel had beautiful, bodacious lips. This alteration could have only happened by a plastic surgery procedure. When asked to comment on the allegations of her lip job Jessica Biel declined to comment, leaving us to speculate whether or not the lip injection rumors were true. Seeing as though her lips got noticeably more full in the span of four months we have come to the conclusion that she has received numerous plastic surgery treatments to help manage the aging of her face.


Now, plastic surgery isn’t always the end all, be all to fix aging, and can sometimes even end up horribly for the recipient, but this was not the case for Jessica Biel. For Biel, plastic surgery has added to her natural beauty to make her one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood. Jessica Biel’s nose job has made he round masculine nose thinner and more feminine, and her lip injections have made her already beautifully full lips almost Angelina Jolie like in fullness and shape.

Jessica Biel before and after plastic surgery

Lastly Jessica Biel, just like most of Hollywood, is suspected of getting Botox injections throughout her face to smooth her complexion, and help minimize wrinkles. Just like her other allegations of plastic surgery treatments, Jessica Biel has neither confirmed or denied this Botox allegation, and since most of Hollywood has had Botox injections it is impossible to correctly discern whether or not she has had plastic surgery.

So, has Jessica Biel had plastic surgery to fix the little imperfections she sees? It is entirely possible, but since she won’t confirm we won’t know for sure.


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