Jessica Lowndes plastic surgery

Jessica Lowndes plastic surgery and breast augmentation?

Jessica Lowndes, start who was born on November 08, 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, debuted her career in the entertainment industry from a TV serial “Saving Milly” in year 2006 and afterwards she also contributed her guest appearance in many other TV shows like the master of Horror and Alice. However, this was not the real milestone for this young and wine eyes actress and she gave stunning breakthrough in year 2008 after having back to back various movies like Autopsy in year 2008, The Haunting of Molly Hartley in year 2008 and The Devil’s Carnival in year 2012. The actress has not kept her limited to the acting but she has a habit to write songs and play piano since she was just five years old. She provided beautiful song for TV series, 90210, with title “Mama who bore me”. Besides these all achievements, she has contributed so rich in pop industry and sung songs with legendary singers like Rihanna, Ironik, and later she also bonded her skills with Musicians like James Rendon and recorded hit title songs.

Jessica Lowndes before an after breast augmentation

Jessica Lowndes plastic surgery

The Canadian born actress remained under rumors after her appearance in the TV series 90210 and with bigger cup sizes of her breast. It was noticed at large by the media coverers all around. The actress showed uplifted breast in her recent photographs and leaves no clue for her transplantation. According to large number of observers, it was imagined that she had undergone some breast surgery and put some silicon inside her breast to make her breast more healthy and uplifted. It will off-course make her look more attractive and it is enough to take her to glories of success in the film and entertainment industry.


In her recent photographs, she was seen in her tiny swimming dress and her breast was still uplifted and still to any movement of rest of her body. It is the clear clue she had a surgery to make her size more attractive. Even the breast kept round in shape and never showed any squishing movement due to her bra. We have no idea what came in mind of the actress and she had her breast surgery but it is obviously understood, it was done to get more chances in the movies because she looks more mature and sexy after her surgery. For more critics, it was pre-age and pre-mature decision of the actress and she should have enjoyed what she naturally had. Besides all these rumors, she is still vanished from the screen to admit her breast augmentation.

Jessica Lowndes before an after plastic surgery

She also appeared on the red carpet show for her Young Hollywood Awards in year 2014 at the Wiltern Theater with her High school friend, Ashley. Opposite to Jessica, Ashley was quite open and clear to having her nose job but till dated Jessica has not admitted her breast augmentation. On her recent photo shoot for men magazine, she was sitting on her one side but still her breast was not bent rather stayed still raised towards her neck and on the same position.


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