Jessica Simpson plastic surgery

Jessica Simpson is using Plastic Surgery?

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgeries

Every now and then, celebs do unimaginable things to better their physical appearances. From actors and actresses to singers and models, almost everyone in Hollywood seems to have undergone some physical body changes if their before and after photos are anything to go by. Undergoing plastic surgery is by far the most preferred method celebs use to achieve this because it is quicker and highly effective. It is also the most risky because it may lead to totally unexpected and unwanted results.

Among the well- known celebs who have been rumored over the years to have undergone multiple plastic surgeries is Jessica Simpson. For the few who may not know her, she is an American actress, TV personality, singer and songwriter. She has featured in hundreds of commercials, movies and TV shows. Since she has always been in the public eye, it is thus very easy to notice any drastic changes in her body. Plastic surgery rumors started following her just a few days before her marriage to Eric Johnson. Although she has admitted to some while denying allegations over others, written below are the plastic surgery procedures that Jessica Simpson is said to have undergone.

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Many plastic surgeries that celebs undergo are directed on their faces, and in most cases, the nose is always the target. Having a sharper, smaller nose has always been considered trendy and fashionable in celebrity world. A close look at her after and before pictures shows an obvious difference in the appearance of her nose. Earlier on, her nose used to be wider and would cover a bigger space of her face. Right now, her nose appears smaller and sharper with a nose bridge that is thinner. It also seems to perfectly rest on her face.

Lip injections and lip fillers.

Many female celebs prefer lips which are more pronounced, thicker and fuller. Such kind of lips are said to increase one’s sex appeal. In order to achieve this, celebs inject lip fillers in their lips. Jessica Simpson has admitted to having once used Restylane, a chemical that helps thicken one’s lips. The end results were devastating as it was evidenced by her unevenly, swollen lower lip. She has admitted that she no longer injects her lips and this may be true because her lips have now returned to how they used to look before: thin and narrow.

Breast implants and augmentation.

Most women dream of having bigger breasts and Jessica Simpson is not exempted on this. Luckily for her, her breasts have always been large. In a recent interview, she said that she was considering having her breasts reduced. After and before pictures show no big difference between the sizes of her breasts, suggesting that she is yet to have them reduced.

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery before and after weight loss

Weight loss surgeries.

Jessica Simpson’s drastic weight loss has been under a lot of speculation lately. Within a very short period of time, she had lost an incredible 60 pounds. This has continued to spark rumors that she must have gone through plastic surgery to shed off the extra weight. However, she has continued to deny these rumors, attributing her weight loss to her healthy dietary plans. Many people are not convinced by her explanation because celebs rarely admit to having gone through plastic surgery procedures.

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