Jimmy Kimmel plastic surgery

Jimmy Kimmel Penis plastic Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel Penis Surgery

James Christian Kimmel also known as Jimmy Kimmel was born on 13th November the year 1967 in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in a Catholic Church, and at his young age, he served as an altar boy. Jimmy Kimmel graduated from Ed Clark High School after his family moved to Las Vegas while he was 9 years. He later joined the University of Nevada for one year and Arizona State University for two years but failed to receive a university degree. Jimmy is an American producer, TV host, comedian and a voice actor as well. He is the main executive producer and a host of Jimmy Kimmel Live which is a late night talk show that aired on ABC in the year 2003. He is also known for hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards in the year 2012 and 2016. He is also set to host Academy Awards in February 2017. Jimmy was also a radio presenter when he started working in a radio industry while still in high school. Besides being a radio presenter, he also featured in various comedy shows such as The Man Show, Sesame Street, The Soup, The Andy Milonakis Show just to mention a few.

Jimmy Kimmel plastic surgery

Has Jimmy Kimmel Had Plastic Surgery?

Celebrity plastic surgery has become something common because many aging actors and actresses take it as a norm for them to maintain their youthful looks even at their 60s. Others have it done for different reasons such as changing their image like Renee Zellweger. Sometimes the plastic surgery procedure ends making the celebs look even worse, but many a time it gives them a better look making them extra confidence in the fashion and film industry.

Jimmy’s Penis Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel shocked the entire universe when he confessed that he had plastic surgery on his penis twice. This came as a blow to many people because most people never have plastic surgery in their private parts. It made many people speculate that Jimmy went for this surgery following an extension to ladies mainly because he had been marrying and divorcing at the same time.

Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he had plastic surgery done on his penis not once but twice. The late-night TV host said that he had several surgeries to treat some unexpected medical issues with his urethra. He also didn’t admit of having been diagnosed with any condition, but he said that his surgeons told him he needed surgery to fix the problem which he did. His urethra was closing up, and it needed to be operated, and the operation was a success but later the same problem happened, and he was operated for the second time. Jimmy revealed that these surgeries were done a long time ago and he continues to say that this was a very unpleasant experience.

Jimmy Kimmel before and after plastic surgery

Jimmy’s Narcolepsy

Jimmy Kimmel also has a Narcolepsy problem which is a neurological disorder which affects the control of sleep. People with such conditions tend to have excessive daytime sleepiness. It is speculated that Jimmy’s narcolepsy problem has made him have most of his shows hosted at night.


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