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Joan Collins Plastic Surgery

Dame Joan Henrietta Collins, known to world as Joan Collins is an English actress, born 23 May 1933 in west London. Being trained as an actress in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London she made her career out of acting in several British films. At a very young age, she headed towards the American film industry Hollywood and tried her luck out there. There she ended up doing roles in some of the leading films of that decade, such as The Girl in the Red Velvet swing and Rally Round the Flag, Boys!. Along with her beauty, her career grew and she became one of the well-known personalities around the world.

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What is the reason behind the everlasting beauty of Joan Collins at such an old age?

Joan Collins is certainly near 80 now but It will be very untrue to deny that how good she still looks even at such an old age. Being able to win hearts of about five husbands with her sweet smile, that beauty of her’s does not seem like a god’s gift or the work of a proper diet at an age when she is expected to have looks of an old grandma. That is probably a miracle of science. The miracle of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is considered to have being adopted by a lot of celebrities to maintain their looks according to the passage of time so that they never get old in the eyes of their fans and followers. There is no true proof excluding her photos that Joan ever made this choice. But her beauty queen looks even at such an elderly age cannot hide the fact there was some magic done to her face by the hands of some expert to keep her young. That is why Joan Collins is very highly rumored to have done some plastic jobs to her looks.

Joan Collinsbefore the nineties and after nineties photos show two totally different personalities on the same face. Changes on her face can easily be noticed. In here latest pictures her face looks smoother and wrinkle free as if someone just cleaned it up with a magic brush. The procedures that Joan Collins is suspected to have gone through are brow lift, facelift, eyelid surgeries, facial fillers, rhinoplasty and even Botox injection. All of it to keep her from becoming old. And those procedures have really paid it off, keeping Joan as young and graceful as ever.

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What has Joan Collins got to say about her plastic surgeries?

If someone questions her about her plastic surgeries, the only answer coming out of her mouth will be no. Yes, she totally refuses of ever having done such type of thing to her natural beauty. In public she is extremely against plastic surgery. She even went on to say that she does not want to look like a plastic Barbie doll. She acts as if there is no chance she is ever going to do such a cheap thing to her face. But photos do have a totally different story to say.

But no one knows what is the truth, except for Joan Collins herself. Even if she had done some procedures on her face to enhance it’s quality, it is her decision to reveal it to public. And if she haven’t, then her beauty is truly an exceptional example of what a human being can achieve.


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