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Joan Rivers: Before and after surgeries and her eventual death


When celebrities die, they leave behind memories of their careers or their controversial acts and lifestyles. Even with wonderful careers and fame, controversies will always stain their fame just by a single act. This is typical to the late Comedian Joan Rivers, besides her shiny career on television that made her famous, she had an addiction to plastic surgery and at one point she joked to have undergone over 700 of the same.

Joan’s life in brief

Joan Alexandra Molinsky was born on the 8th of 1933. She began her career in 1959 and of which she adopted Joan Rivers as her stage name. Her fame rose after appearing for the first time on “The Tonight Show” in 1965. Her late night show known as “The Late Show with Joan Rivers” was also the first to be hosted by a woman and together with her daughter Melissa, they wrote many books.

Joan Rivers before undergoing plastic surgery

Joan Rivers was a fine young lady with an appealing appearance. She was beautiful with a glowing skin and no signs of aging or wrinkles on her. Put simply, she had a finer look.

Joan Rivers before and afer plastic surgery

Joan Rivers after a series of surgeries

Rivers had numerous surgeries in her lifetime that at one point she was quoted saying, “I wish I had a twin sister so that I may actually know what I look like without plastic surgery”. At her 80’s, you wouldn’t believe her appearance, she looked much younger than her counterparts. Rivers admitted to have undergone several nose jobs, liposuction, an eye surgery, a number of botox injections, neck lift and a few facelifts. Her nose was thinned while still at college, next was an eye lift in 1965 while in her thirties. Although she still maintained a finer look without signs of aging or wrinkles, she couldn’t resist surgeries even when she clocked the age of 50 while working in the entertainment industry. She decided to have a facelift that turned her face shinny and comments from people suggested that it was overdone. The naturalness had disappeared. Her addiction to the knife and needle injections gave rivers a much younger look than you would imagine.

Joan Rivers before and afer plastic surgery

The Endoscopy procedure

This is an outpatient procedure which Joan Rivers entered into with an outpatient clinic in Yorkville, Manhattan to evaluate her vocal cords as a result of raspy voice. The endoscopy and laryngoscopy involve inserting a camera in a supple tube to cross examine her throat. Both the two procedures are risky and may induce aspirate-saliva, breathing food or vomit into the lungs. Rivers had an endoscopy which must have inspirited vomit from her vocal cords or gastric secretion that gave her difficulties to breath that possibly lead to her respiratory arrest. A lot of speculation triggered about what might have happened during the outpatient procedure that seemed to have led to her cardiac arrest and eventual death. Joan’s death sparked concerns about repeat cosmetic procedures and investigations on Endoscopy procedure still undergoing.

Rivers death

Rivers was still “just that” at 80 years old. Her life of needle and knife addiction plus plastic surgery procedures ended when she was 81 that was 4th Sept 2004 when she succumbed to brain damage that that was caused by lack of oxygen after undergoing a throat surgery. She was a wonderful woman who brought laughter to her TV audience and perhaps this would be the best way to remember her other than her life under the knife. May her Soul rest in peace.

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