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Jocelin Wildstein – Catwoman plastic Surgery disaster

Jocelin Wildstein plastic Surgery Facial Transformations


Jocelin Wildstein born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1945, is a European and New York City based socialite well known for her extensive and pronounced facial surgeries. These plastic surgeries have immensely transformed her looks earning her the name ‘cat-woman’ and ‘bride of Wildstein’. Looking at photographs of her before and after her facial surgeries it is difficult to recognize her as the same person. She is a rich woman with a lavish life full of controversies and obsession to surgeries. She currently lives in a 10 million dollar trump tower apartment in New York.

Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery

Too much of something is pretty not good and Jocelin Wildstein has an addiction to plastic surgeries making herself look very strangely feline and different from before.

Wildstein spent millions of dollars in plastic surgery and cosmetic to get the cat-like look something her husband Alec Wildstein who died back in 2008 loved. She was desperate to keep her husband who reportedly loved art and cats and the two kept a lynx as a pet. They however split in 1997 after which Jocelyn turned her attention into plastic surgery and modelling. Their divorce was certainly not amicable with Jocelin threatening to kill Alec after she burst him with another lover. The divorce left her with 2.5 million and 100 million annual support for 13 years. The two had lived together for 21 years and had two children.

At age 17 she began dating Swiss movie producer Ciryl Piguet and later moved to Paris where she mastered her hunting skills and became a skilled pilot. She since transformed her life meeting above mentioned Alec Wildstein who thought she was crazy about her surgeries. He even said that she was crazy enough to think she could change her looks like she wishes like furniture.

Before and after

Jocelin Wildstein was a calm and a good looking woman who by age 17 had a well-developed liking for decoration. The socialite underwent plastic surgery procedures known as canthopexy. Canthopexy is a surgical procedure that strengthen the tissue located at the outer corner of eyelids to enhance its support of the lower eyelid. It elevates the eyes and bring about the slit cat eye look. Canthal tendon reinforcement is medically reported to restore balance of the eyelids after surgeries. Exactly what Jocelin Wildstein achieved by her procedures.

She has undergone a number of procedures including upper and lower eyelids surgery, face-lift, brow-lift, lip-pumping injections, chin augmentation and cheek implants. A facelift is a surgical procedure to eradicate excess skin and further tighten muscles of the neck and the lower part of the face. Chin augmentation also known as mentoplasty is a plastic surgery process that involves augmenting a small chin or reducing a prominent chin. Judging from her pre-surgery picture, she enhanced her chin. Forehead-lift involves minimizing forehead wrinkles and elevation of eyebrows. It is amazing how the socialite has undergone all these surgeries and is claimed to have used over 4 million dollars on them. Strangely the 71 year old claims not to be done with plastic surgeries.

Jocelyn Wildenstein before and after plastic surgery


It is important to understand the processes and dangers associated with plastic surgeries. No matter how minor it is plastic surgeries will have some effects on you. Also importantly knowing skilled plastic surgeons is a tricky bit and lots of money is paid to get a skilled and safer surgery. Today, there exists non-surgery procedure to enhance one’s looks. This can well advised by a well-trained doctor and this helps keep from effects of plastic surgery such as internal bleeding, long recovery times, having open wounds and even scarring. At worst, it could end with a horrible and strange scary look; an opposite result of what was intended.


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