Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery

Jodie Sweetin – “Full house” of plastic surgery

Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery

All of us would agree that beauty is not eternal. I think if something is eternal then it is not beautiful. Since we live in a society where we want to pose ourselves as the best person, we always try to look unique and different from others. Ladies have special instinct to look prominent, charming and glamorous. Whether the women are young, middle-aged, mature or old, they want to be beautiful and pretty. When we cast a cursory glance at the society of Hollywood, we find that Hollywood stars can cross all the limits to look young and dashing.

Jodie Sweetin is also a part of the Hollywood glamour and the beauty queen is no exception in terms of plastic surgery. There is clear evidence about the plastic surgery of Jodie Sweetin. Jodie Sweetin is now 33 but the actress still looks innocent and pretty. The California-based actress is known for her gorgeous face and her acting talent.

Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery

Breast augmentation

According to the rumors and speculations, the actress had undergone the plastic surgery process to change her appearance and to enhance the beauty of her face. Her face looks so flawless that anybody can point his finger and say that she had been under the knife. Let us first discuss about the upsized breasts of Jodie Sweetin. It is the right of every woman to enhance her feminine beauty and Jodie Sweetin did the same thing. It is clear that Jodie Sweetin had breast implants and now her upsized and voluptuous breasts enhance her overall appearance and increase her sexiness. You can easily judge the plastic surgery process on her breasts by comparing her before and after pictures. Now her breasts match her heavy build. Earlier, she had small breasts as compared to her overall body. Some people and fans of Jodie Sweetin even criticized her that new her breasts look over-sized and they don’t match her. But, in my opinion, she looks hot and sexy. Jodie Sweetin’s new look is just amazing and astonishing. Jodie Sweetin’s plastic surgery has increased her curves and now she looks like a complete woman.

Botox and cheek implants

There are also rumors about Botox and cheek implants. When you compare her recent photos with her past photos, her cheeks now look a bit filled up than earlier. She might have some Botox injections to make her cheeks smooth and flawless.

Jodie Sweetin before and after plastic surgery (30)

Well, Jodie Sweetin is not too much concerned about what people are saying about her current appearance and plastic surgery. The actress is quite happy and satisfied with her current appearance. She has admitted about the plastic surgery of her breasts. Jodie Sweetin considered it as a part to increase her charm and beauty but she denied any kind of Botox or other plastic surgery process. We should give some credit to Jodie Sweetin that she is brave enough to accept her breast implant. She also admitted that she got addicted to the drugs and as a result these drugs produced some severe outcomes on her appearance. Now the actress is enjoying her current appearance.


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