John Stamos plastic surgery

John Stamos Face Plastic Surgery – rumor of truth?

John Stamos, a very well known American actor and musician, who has always won hearts of his fans with his performance and beautiful God gifted voice over the past more than two decades. He started his career in the entertainment industry in year 1982 and also won the Soapy Award under category of “Most Exciting New Actor” in the very same year, and till dated presented number of outstanding TV serials and movies like the comedy drama of late 80s, The Full House that ended in 1995. After getting much fame from this serial, he worked on many similar projects like the ER drama serial in which he played role of Dr. Tony Gates. Stamos also song vital independence day song during year 1994 in his album name, shades of Blue, with Lanny Cordola, Sandra Stephens, Tony Guerrero and the song was again released in year 2010 in digital print. Besides this all, he has deep interest in charity activities to help the needy and those who are unable to lead their life.


John Stamos before and after plastic surgery

John Stamos plastic surgery

The actor has always been jolly person and played same roles on TV as well. He was also known best actor for the children during his early career and till dated, especially, when he started the Full House and his conversation with the robot girl. However, many newspapers and article writers has shown their observations that John might have gone through the nose surgery. If you have look on his nose, it has clear difference from his recent photo if compared with the photo of ten years back.

For most of the critics, it is mare age factor that is affecting the look of the actor. John Stamos is now about 51 years of age and has always fresh and glowing face. The nose of this actor has turned little bent on one side and many critics have thought of it an effect of possible surgery. But, it is not the reality. Many children who grew watching Stamos since in the Full House, they are not finding much change in his face and personality after passage of huge span of time and refer it to possible surgeries. However, there is no such reality and it is all natural.


John Stamos before and after plastic surgery

John Stamos has all the glow and freshness naturally and it truly depicts its personality as well, that is also not hidden from the mind readers. He has been involved in charity works and helps those who deserve food, education, prosperity in the societies like the other people around them. It is not the plastic surgery or BOTOX effects but it is satisfaction from inside that has made John so cool. Even in this age, you will not find much difference if compared to his early age photos. He always has a beautiful smile on his face that is going to make several fans going mad on him. The actor knows the pace of time and adopts all styles, which suits his personality whether it is his dressing or the hair styles. We pray, you always be happy and keep smiling.


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