John Travolta plastic surgery

John Travolta plastic surgery removed wrinkles and added hair?

18th February 1954 is the date of birth of John Joseph Travolta and Englewood, New Jersey is his place of birth. The emergency was his first debut TV series and Billy Nolan was his first important film role of the 1976’s Carrie.

He achieved international fame due to his roles in Grease and Saturday Night Fever, in the late times of 1970s. since then he was starred in some of the famous films like Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, Look who’s talking and many more.

These days a lot of Hollywood celebrities have changed their looks through plastic surgeries. And not just women are among the list but also the male personalities of the industry are included. Johan Travolta also went under the knife to allow his surgeon do something special on him. However, the outcomes of his plastic surgery are nothing but beautiful, although his appearance is much more unnatural now.
John Travolta before and after plastic surgery

Has John Travolta had Plastic Surgery?

It has been declared that he had done plastic surgery in order to look younger. On the Oscar held in the year 2014, he was criticized due to his plastic like look. Everyone attributed this to the procedures of cosmetic surgery especially facelift. His new look became so odd that it created really a lot of tweets, most of them were negative.

He had denied all these statements, but nobody is willing to trust him. The overall looks of his face have changed to that extent that his face looks unnatural now, so it is obvious that he must have done something to look like that. His boyish beauty which made him the star of the 1970s is now gone. This is not because he has grown old but due to the fact that he visited the clinic of a plastic surgeon many times and, unfortunately, it never gave him good results.

John Travolta abused plastic interventions

John Travolta is among the most popular actors of Hollywood, with a spectacular career and looks in various movies, where he played the roles of attractive men. He has always been very attractive and was praised by women worldwide and was watched as a great sex-simbol in the movies such as Saturday Night fever and Grease.

Excessive Botox injections and face lifts

He started using plastic surgery procedures with different fillers which were injected in his face for the filling of wrinkles, a facelift which was designed to collect his sagging skin and Botox injections. It seems like as if he was a fan of Botox because the overuse of it has almost paralyzed his face, with almost no expressiveness.

John Travolta before and after hair implant

Hair implant to hide the balding areas

At the Oscars held in the year 2014, his figure was quite faultless as he was having full hair on his head and this created rumors about the plastic surgery of John Travolta or might be some kind of hair transplant. He was wearing some sort of hair piece that was quite clear on his head sides. This system of hair that he was wearing comprise a clear material of plastic whose hair strands have an attachment to the skin.


John Travolta OJ Simson plastic surgery

As to his face melts: John Travolta stunned viewers a new look

In the United States, on 02 of february 2016 began broadcasting of series “The People vs. OJ Simpson: American crime story” which examines the true events. But the focus was not on action, act or fidelity of real events, but on John Travolta.

Travolta plays attorney Robert Shapiro and all eyes are fixed on him, mostly because of very unusual look of his face.

Travolta looks like a wax figure of himself that had been left near a radiator,” “What happened to John Travolta? He is made from plastic!”, “It’s like Travolta’s face is melting” are some of the comments from surprised viewers on Twitter.

It seems like former star has exaggerated with use of plastic surgery!


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