Jojo Fletcher plastic surgery

Jojo Fletcher Plastic Surgeries

Jojo Fletcher Plastic Surgeries

Jojo Fletcher was born in Dallas, Texas on November 25, 1990. Jojo completed her graduation from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and has acquired BA in Applied Science degree in 2011. She is a real estate developer by profession and owns a company named JHF Realty Development. Jojo earned immense reputation when she participated in the reality show The Bachelor’. She was best-known for her bold looks. She became the runner-up on Season 20 of The Bachelor’.

During the finale of Bachelor, JoJo was dumped by Ben Higgins, which was actually aired on March 14, 2016. Jojo Fletcher will be soon seen on season 12 of The Bachelorette. Currently, the promos of Season 12 Bachelorette is on air and we are getting to watch a glimpse of the gorgeous lady. Jojo is going to surprise all the viewers with her transformation. She looked quite stunning in the video, and people can notice some drastic changes in her appearance and physical features. According to media experts, “The Bachelorette” star seems to have undergone plastic surgery! And the news further elaborates that the star has opted for rhinoplasty to tip her dropped nose, lip fillers and breast augmentation for fuller breasts.

Jojo Fletcher plastic surgery

Jojo Fletcher is undoubtedly one of the ravishing women the Bachelorette has ever had. With her recent pictures going round in the media, it seems that her secret is soon going to spill out! While opting for cosmetic surgery is quite a common practice amongst teenagers, Jojo Fletcher completely denied about the news of going under knife to look picture perfect.

Surgery rumours of Jojo Flethcher:

Here are some of the plastic surgeries that Jojo is said to have undergone:


The plastic surgery corrects the the shape of the nose and it is also known as a nose job. Since, nose forms the centre of attraction of the face, enhancing the feature will surely improve one’s appearance. When you look at the recently launched yearbook photos of Jojo, you can notice that her nose is a bit wider than before. When you compare the before and after pics, you can make out that her nose has become a pointed, wider and shorter now. However, critics are also claiming that the makeup is the real cause of the pointed nose.

Jojo Fletcher before and after plastic surgery

Breast augmentation:

The size and beauty of breast enhances the overall appearance of a woman and critics feel that even Jojo has undergone breast implants. The procedure has enhanced the shape and size of her breasts, as a silicone layer is placed just beneath the original breast. In modern days, girl often feel happy with oversized breasts, as they are valuable assets. When we look at Jojo’s previous sporty days picture we can see a flat breasted pretty girl. But now she has a wonderful pair of breasts that can only be envied.

Jojo Fletcher’s confession about plastic surgery rumours:

When asked about the plastic surgery rumours, Jojo strongly opposed the news and she even asked her fans to follow the show and check out her looks.


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