Jordana Brewster plastic surgery

JORDANA BREWSTER – Fast and furious and plastic surgery


Jordana Brewster is an American actress, who acted in the world’s most popular movie ‘The Fast and the Furious’ as a breakthrough in the her professional career. This bold and beautiful actress was born in England but because of her father’s business activities she shifted to America with her family afterwards.

Jordana Brewster is considered as a promising and successful showbiz celebrity due to her four mega star block buster movies from the fast and furious franchise. She was born with a talent of a super model and actress because she got this ability through inheritance from her mother’s genes. Mother of Jordana Brewster was a famous model too during her youth age.

Jordana Brewster plastic surgery


Jordana Brewster continuously gives the secret of her glowing skin and perfect body shape during different interviews conducted with her. She confesses that her beauty is only because of her meditation, a great podcast and avoiding any kind of sushi before presenting herself in any great event. Moreover, she added that before becoming a mother of a child she was perfect with meditation, heavy work outs and a balanced life in terms of both mental as well as physical. Even after becoming a mother, she never quitted meditation and balanced diet to maintain her looks and physique.


Being at an advanced age of 33, the celebrity admits that she is scared of having a knife and cut experience. But she also confessed that she is never against the usage of any kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery in her future. She says that everyone has the right to look good and present himself in the best of shape, so going under minor surgeries will not be opposed by her at any stage of life. According to the words of Jordana Brewster,” if there are tools out there, why not use them?”


As a celebrity with high reputation and gorgeous figure, Jordana Brewster is always confident enough to accept the importance of plastic surgery in a celebrity’s life. She bluntly admitted that if required in near future she will never hesitate to undergo the Botox experience. Though she replied in an interview related to her curves and figure that she always want to have big breasts for a sexiest look but eventually she also commented that,” if you don’t have to go under a knife, why to do it, one can buy chicken cutlets for like $50 for a better figure as I have worn indifferent sets.”

She says that she will surely go for injectable for a surgery below the neck and will never hesitate to undergo injectable fillers to help preserve her beauty.

Jordana Brewster plastic surgery (14)


If someone give a thorough and deep look to Jordana’s previous and latest photo shoots it becomes evident that this celeb has not gone under any kind of plastic surgery or cosmetic cuts in her life. Even at the age of 33, she is still as much sexy, with perfect shaped body and gorgeous facial features that she does not require any kind of surgery at least at this stage of life.


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