Julia Roberts plastic surgery

Julia Roberts plastic surgery – aging with more lively looks

Julia Roberts an over aging celebrity with more lively looks

 Julia Fiona Roberts an American actress and film producer was born on October 28, 1967. She came into limelight after the success of her romantic comedy Pretty Woman in 1990. This was a block buster hit that earned $464 million worldwide. She is the proud winner of many international level awards like Academy Award for best actress. There is a long list of hit movies that are the basis of her success.

Another remarkable factor of Julia Roberts’s fame is her title as the highly paid actress in the world throughout the 1990s till the beginning of 2000s. Moreover, she is also titled among the “50 most beautiful people in the world.”

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Julia Roberts fascinating beauty

From the time of starting the career, Julia Roberts was marked as the most stunning beauty lady with perfect curves and figure. She was renowned not only because of her looks but for her acting talent as well. Still at the age of late 40s, she is ranked as one of the most gorgeous ladies of the Holly wood. She is the brand ambassador of Lancome and wants to stay like same till her contract as a model ends after 5 years when she will be above 50.

Julia Roberts concerns about plastic surgery

Julia states at different times about her decision of not getting herself under plastic surgery. She says that she knows well the importance and necessity of plastic surgery in the showbiz industry. During an interview conducted from her she stated that, “I’ve told Lancome that I want to be an aging model-so that they have to keep me for at least five more years until I am over 50”. This clearly showed that Julia Roberts wants to remain normal with the changes in her face and figure with the passage of time. She claims that “she uses to enjoy the lightness in her life by not transforming her into youth and also not taking anything seriously”.

Overnight changes in Julia Roberts exposes the truth

Julia Roberts a gorgeous lady with her fascinating looks never declared to undergo plastic surgery but her recent photographs has revealed that she must have gone under certain magical pill that has enhanced her beauty and looks.

Different cosmetic surgery speculations about Julia

Plastic surgeons have suspected that Julia Roberts must have undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries like the following

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The sharp tone and youthful face of Julia Roberts at the age of 47, is most probably due to plastic surgery in particular due to the Botox procedure. Since Julia is approximately 50 years old, people expect to see any signs of aging or wrinkles on the forehead and face but it has been observed and stated by many critics that the wrinkles previously visible also vanished overnight. This can only be possible due to Botox in an attempt to beautify her aging face.

As speculated by another plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif at Beverly Hill that the softness and smoothness of Julia’s face at this age is possible only due to Botox procedure. Even though Julia has stated that she wants to grow old gracefully and has denied the knife procedures, she can clearly not grow beautiful with age and the change is also evident from her photographs.


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