Julie Bowen plastic surgery

Julie Bowen looks even prettier after plastic surgery!

Julie Bowen is a popular American actress and she gained her fame with appearances on shows like Lost, Boston Legal, Ed and currently on comedy Modern Family. She also appeared on few award winning movies. She is one of the few actresses that openly admits and talks about her plastic surgery procedures.

When we look at her pictures before (1996) and after (2015) plastic surgery, we can agree that it is possible to look even more beautiful 20 years after. Unfortunately it was not all due to her good genetics but plastic surgery was used as it should be in her case.

Julie Bowen before and after plastic surgery

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery

Laser treatments

Julie Bowen, first of all, used laser treatments to clear her face and remove all wrinkles that appeared over the years. Her occupation requires her to stay in shape and to look beautiful but still gracious and with glamour. She went for laser treatment and that has helped her achieve younger look. You could never guess her age by just looking at her and that is a purpose of laser treatments.

Botox injections

Her face is totally wrinkle free and her forehead is tight and shiny, and that is not normal for a woman at her age. That is a clear sign of some king of plastic surgery procedure. We would bet on Botox injections. Just like all other treatments, Botox has worked pretty well on Julie Bowen. It wasn’t used too much and she doesn’t have plastic face with no expression like some other celebrities.

Breast augmentation

Another thing that her fans are talking about is breast augmentation. Even though she has never confessed it, people thing she went for breast implants but she didn’t exaggerate when she went under the knife. Looking at before and after images it is not definitely clear if she did it but one can surely suspect so. Her breasts are now bigger than before but we have to now that she gave birth to three children. It is suspected that she went for breast implants after last one because breasts can get saggy at that time. We can say that her breast do not look plastic or overdone so breast augmentation has worked well for her.

Julie Bowen before and after breast augmentation


Recently, it is common thing to exaggerate in using plastic surgery. Many celebrities go over the edge and use plastic surgery to often and in wrong amount. We could say that this is not the case with Julie Bowen. She knows exactly how far she can go without getting in plastic surgery disaster category. She has a good plastic surgeon too. Plastic surgery is a great tool when used in the right way, by the right person and in the right amount. Until now she has achieved younger look, beautiful skin and wrinkle free face. We sure hope she will continue to use plastic surgery in that way. Her case can be a good lesson for all other celebrities that are going to use plastic surgery procedures to look more youthful or to enhance their looks.


What do you think about Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery? Did she needed it?




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