Julie Chen plastic surgery

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery

Julie Chen, plastic surgery before and after.

Julie Suzanne Chen born on January 6, 1970, in Queens, New York, U.S is an American Presenter, Anchor, and Producer.She passed her high school in 1985. At the age of 21, she graduated from the university of Southern California.She is one of the multi-talented women as she has interest in Journalism which later she completed that too.In the year 2004, she got married to Leslie by which they had one child.

Julie Chen plastic surgery

In the early 1990s, she initiated her career by Interning with the CBS morning news where she worked there as an anchor. After some time she managed to get a job in ABC news as a desk assistant where by seeing her dedication in the work she was being promoted for three more years. Later she got a call from WDTN-TV for which she shifted to Dayton, Ohio in the year 1995 for a span of two years. At that time she was done something with her eyes like some kind of plastic surgery because her eyes become extra larger and now she was looking like a Chinese cum Asian Girl. Her Anchoring show was able to gather widespread praises from Viewers.In the year 2000 she got a chance to host a show “Big Brother” where she entertained everyone by her performance by which later in the same year she also hosted “First Season“. She has been named as Chenbot in the show named as “Early Show”. Apart from all this she was also moderating a talk show in CBS morning which was named as “The Talk“. She has been one of the long-term face of CBS.She had worked as a co-host, host many time in CBS Shows. She was the co-host of the CBS show named “The Early Show” where she has given some serious hosting. Her passion and curiosity in the work mnade her successful throughout her career with still to come.


Julie Chen – Plastic Surgery

At the age of 25 Julie is believed to have the most beautiful face but she was a chinese, which made him available for the speculations of plastic surgeries. Julie Chen was prolific throughout her Television career. With her amazing job as Presenter and remarkable physical appeal, she’d given a major opportunity to prove herself. As She started to become more popular and emerging in mainstream, she started to attract the eyes of various observers, thinking if the Producer or Host has undergone plastic surgery process.


Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery
Based on the gossip it is thought that Julie has undergone a eyes job. Looking at after and before picture, it seems that she may have undergone a eyes job. Many people think that it’s true. In fact a person over the internet has said that this perfect eyes requires a professional in order to make that look good. There are many who have commented like this, however, Julie fans are still in her favor, saying that her eyes are natural and has not undergone any type of surgery. Most of her fans think that her eyes doesn’t look like fake and she features a naturally flawless face without any enhancements on her face. Whatever may be the reason it is the audience who make speculations and will continue to make it until Julie herself speak openly about the topic.



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