Justin Bieber plastic surgery

Justin Bieber Did he use plastic surgery?


Justin Bieber was born on March 1st 1994, in Canada. He is a Canadian singer and song writer who has gained world fame at a very young age because of his songs and styles. Youngsters all over the world have just gone crazy to follow the styles and fashions owned by Justin Bieber. He is a diva, a trend setter and is the only international singer who has made a record of producing seven block buster songs from a debut chart on Billboard Hot 100.

Justin Bieber at only the age of 15, has released his first album by the name of ‘My World’ which got a triple platinum award in U.S. This album got its fame basically because of its successful single “Baby.”

Justin Bieber plastic surgery


Because of the desire and willingness that Bieber owns, he put himself continuously under experimentation. From previous to recent, Justin’s looks have been transformed by introducing evolution in his hair styles. Besides all his styling changes it is also found that he has also undergone plastic surgery for enhancing his features. Some of the factual and speculated surgeries of Justin Bieber are as under,


There is a strong rumor that Justin Bieber has undergone a nose job to make it more attractive and match his personality. The photos from previous to latest found some differences in his nose shape. It is suspected that Bieber has used some injectable to change his nose shape.


Initially it was found that Justin Bieber’s teeth were very white and straight, that certainly affected his smile. But with a little effort these teeth can get their perfect shape with the help of dental cosmetic procedures. It is speculated that Bieber has used veneers which is usually used by old age people to get rid of their teeth problems. So, Justin Bieber might have undergone this procedure to get a sweet and adorning smile.

Justin Bieber before and after plastic surgery


Though all the speculations about Justin’s surgeries are a rumor but still public and plastic surgeons keep on speculating about alterations in Justin’s personality. Another suspicion is his eyelid surgery. This surgery is called ‘blepharoplasty,’ this cosmetic surgery is done to give the eye more attractive ‘almond’ shape.


Besides some minor cosmetic surgery procedures, some experts like New York pastor, James David revealed some bitter truth like Justin Bieber has undergone the ‘gender reassigningsurgeries’ because he was born with female genitalia and has got a sex reassignment during his childhood. Though no proofs have been shown till now to support this speculation but people are considering it a truth the world over.


This year, Justin has shown his interest in black people and commented that,” he always feel himself like a strong black man trapped in the tattooed skin of a young white girl.” It is speculated that Bieber will undergone a series of safe experimental treatments and therapies to get transformed into a black man. People are eager to see Justin Bieber’s complexion getting tan and deeper.


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