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JWoww – face filling and plastic surgery allegations.

Plastic surgery has become a common trend to people who feel dissatisfied by some parts of their body. Sometimes it’s done to correct parts that have physical problem such as reconstructive surgery among others however the decision to have it done is very personal to majority of people and it involves a lot of risks for anyone undergoing it. There are instances where plastic surgeries have been successful while others have gone entirely wrong.


Many celebrities today are undergoing plastic surgeries in the hope of improving their looks and careers. It is a fact that most of these celebrities prefer to have beauty surgery rather than be natural. This seems to have applied so to actress Jennifer Lynn also known as JWoww a famous TV personality in America (Jersey Shore).

Jennifer Lynn Farley JWowwbefore and after plastic surgery

Though rumored it may seem true due to the unhidden appearance of the actress who seems to have changed so much. JWoww admitted to have undergone breast implants at the age of 21 and said she feels much confident with them though with the change in her looks recently also could have suggested that she underwent plastic surgery as well though she denies. Surgeries carried out to the celebrity include facial fillers, her face was loose and was not shiny but after undergoing the surgery she had a total change. Also, her Botox seems to have undergone injection making her eyebrows change their shape, as well as the forehead, appears very smooth unlike before. Her breasts which were as well loose have been transformed into tighter once giving her a perfect, beautiful look all over her body.

Jennifer Lynn Farley JWoww Before and after plastic surgery

Though some people will criticize that she looked much better when she was natural but in these instance we can say that JWoow’s plastic surgery worked for her successfully, and the surgeon who did all that transformation to the celebrity is really a professional. What makes it so obvious that she underwent surgery is the fact that as she grows older JWoww the side effect of the surgery are becoming more visible and undeniable that she had injections and fillers done on her face. The plastic surgery gave her a lovely look but it is unfortunate that it was just short term, and if things don’t work out well with her it may completely change her life forever.

Jennifer Lynn Farley JWoww Before and after plastic surgery

Even though, JWoww gave birth, the changes that were on her face seemed more than just weight gained after having a child. She appeared as though she had a pillow face, where the cheeks looked plumped which for more reason it was suspected that the actor had undergone injection of fillers on her face. The photos of her earlier age before undergoing any filling and surgical operation seem totally different from the recent look that are seen with the celebrity.

Plastic surgery can work to some people and improve their appearance but it has seen an equal negative side effect where people have had their looks entirely destroyed, others disfigured and in the extreme cases some lose their lives as a result. Some even go to the extent of having numerous plastic surgeries done to their bodies ignoring the long term consequences that will occur if anything goes wrong.


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