Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery

Kaley Cuoco admits nose plastic surgery and breast implants!

Kaley Cuoco – Bib bang theory and plastic surgery

Gossips are an integral part of the glamorous world of Hollywood. People who are working in the Hollywood or they are associated with Hollywood by any means, always remain in focus by the media and news. With the increasing competition in the entertainment industry, Hollywood stars are adapting new methods and techniques to look better than others. In this race of perfection and smartness, plastic surgery process plays a vital role. As far as the Kaley Cuoco’s plastic surgery is concerned, the actress had admitted the breast implant after several years of rumors and speculations. Media was reporting her upsized breasts as a result of plastic surgery for many years and now Kaley Cuoco admits the plastic surgery to give a better shape to her breasts. Apart from chest enhancement, the plastic surgeons also pointed out many other plastic surgery processes that the 28 years old Cuoco had undergone.

Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery

In this respect, New York based dermatologist, Dr. Kenneth Mark claims that the actress might have Botox injections to remove wrinkles from her face and forehead. Dr. Mark says that the actress might have received Sculptural injectable fillers in her cheeks and Botox fillers of worth $1,000 in her forehead. She also had some surgical processes to enhance the beauty of her lips. The dermatologist says that she has received $600 injections in her lips to tighten them up. Dr. Kenneth Mark says that you can easily find these changes when you compare the actress before and after photos.
Kaley Cuoco before and after breast augmentation

Dr. Yoel Shahar, New York City plastic surgeon says that Kaley Cuoco’s new shape of nose is also a result of injectable injections. The plastic surgeon claims that the actress had $900 Radiesse injections in the bridge of her nose to give it a proper shape. However, it must be kept in mind that both the doctors were not involved in the plastic surgery of Kaley Cuoco. They never treated Kaley Cuoco in any context. In my opinion, Kaley Cuoco’s breast now look considerable larger than earlier. If you compare the before and after photos, you will clearly notice that she was wearing a bra of a medium size cup but now she is wearing a large size cup. Her breasts now look full and give her a sexy appearance. But I suggest that she took a right decision about the chest enhancement because now her breasts look in accordance to her overall figure.


As far as the nose of the actress is concerned, Kaley Cuoco says that she had undergone a nose operation due to medical complications and it was hard for her to breathe so she decided to get her nose operated. But she says that it has nothing to do with plastic surgery because she operated her nose on medical grounds and she has now a healthy life. Whatever the rumors or speculations are, but the fact is that Kaley Cuoco looks pretty and charming than ever. We should leave the rumors behind and see how amazing and gorgeous Kaley Cuoco looks.


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