Karla Souza plastic surgery

Karla Souza – Has She Gone For Plastic Surgery?

Karla Souza – Has She Gone For Plastic Surgery?

Karla Souza was born on 11th December the year 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico. She lived in Aspen till she was eight years. She pursued an acting course at the Centro de Education Artistica which is a popular acting school managed by the Mexican Media Televisa still in Mexico City. She later attended another acting school in France where she completed her summer acting classes in Moscow. Karla also pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Acting in the year 2008 at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She then went back to her home city at the age of 22 where she began acting in television series as well as movies. Karla Souza made her US TV debut in September the year 2014 as Laurel Castillo in a drama series called How to Get Away with Murder. She has also featured in films like Los Heroes del Norte, La Clinica, Nino Santo and others.

Karla Souza plastic surgery

Has Karla Souza undergone plastic surgery?

The How to Get Away with Murder star had openly said that it took her almost a year negotiating before the GQ Mexico agreed to put her on the cover magazine on her own terms. The same magazine also approached the 31-year-old star, but she declined to get almost naked for her photo shoot. When asked about it, she said that she would not accept to emerge on the cover page stripped unless the magazine crew accepted something cultural. Even if we don’t know whether Karla has gone for plastic surgery procedures or not, we are aware that when appearing in magazines especially on the cover page, one must be a true natural beauty and a model as well. We all know that being a fashion star or a model you have to look hot, which explains the doubts that many people have of whether Karla has undergone cosmetic procedures.

Breast job

Karla explains that the Magazine wanted her on camera while wearing a bra and panties only but she declined. We can tell that Karla has gone for breast augmentation because we don’t expect her appearing on the cover page wearing a bra only if she doesn’t have firm and great breasts which are appealing to the eyes of people. Her before pictures show her having small breasts, but we can tell she must have considered going for breast implants and that is why the magazine crew wanted her to be in bra only while posing for a cover page photo. When asked about the idea of posing for a photo while in a bra, the actress said she only wanted something sophisticated, beautiful, nice, fancy and great for her photo.

Other Cosmetic Procedures

We all know in the model and fashion industry, almost all stars have done for plastic surgery procedures so as to perfect themselves, and therefore it would not be amazing if Karla had also gone for plastic surgery procedures as well. Karla Souza is also believed to have had body weight surgeries, and that is the reason the magazine crew wanted her to pose wearing panties only so as to show off her beautiful body.

Karla Souza plastic surgery

So, if Karla has gone for plastic surgery or not, that we cannot tell but the fact remains that she is a stunningly beautiful model and that is why a magazine crew had chosen her to appear on their cover page.


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