Kat Von D plastic surgery

Kat Von D tattoos, ink and plastic surgery

Kat Von D tattoos, ink and plastic surgery

Katherine Von Drachenberg, better known as Kat Von D, is now a famous American tattoo artist. She is one of the top celebrity tattoos artists in America today. Her fame mainly came from her involvement with celebrities, and her appearance on various TV shows, and her participation in the Guinness World Record challenge, where she made 400 hundred tattoos in under one hour.

However, in the recent past, something else has drawn a lot of media attention towards her. Although it is rumored that she doesn’t fancy plastic surgery or cosmetology, many now speculate that she might have done numerous plastic procedures.

Although she hasn’t admitted it herself, comparing her before and after pictures tends to show numerous differences in her appearance. Here is a list of the possible procedures she may have taken to achieve her current looks.

Kat Von D plastic surgery


This is a procedure that is popularly known as Nose Job. It has become a popular trend, especially among women celebrities. The goal of the procedure is to give the nose a better look, depending on the ideal appearance one may be looking for. The speculation that Kat did undergo this procedure comes from the observation that nose appears much narrower than before. In older images, the nose looks wider than it is now. She may have taken this procedure to complement her visibly narrow face or as a part of the general look that she was looking for.

Dermal Fillers

Kat is thought to have taken this procedure owing to the seemingly new appearance of her chin and lips. She seems to have a glow that looks a bit unnatural. The goal of taking fillers is to achieve an appearance of volume on the face. It is this procedure that could have been used to make Kat’s face look softer and fuller and to make her lips appear plumper.

Kat Von D before and after plastic surgery

Botox Injection

Why do people think Kat has had Botox injections? It is the lack of lines on her forehead. Unlike in her older photos, Kat no longer has any lines or wrinkles on her face or forehead. They all seem to have vanished. This procedure is popular among those who are intent on keeping their youthful looks, which tend to disappear with age.

Breast Enlargement

Known more widely as breast job, this procedure helps in increasing the size of breasts and create a more feminine appearance. The before and after images of Kat Von D have some stalking differences considering the look of her breasts. Her bust area looks more enlarged and prominent than it did before. Her breasts are much fuller and more rounded. While she may still not admit it, there is certainly a big difference now.

Eyebrow Surgery

Another unconfirmed speculation is that she had her eyes brows lifted and reshaped. Like all the other procedures, information on whether or not this happened is based on her facial looks. The now sharper looking eyebrows may be more than just good make-up.

There are high chances that she did take these procedures now that she is more famous. This is a common trend among celebrities. As they become wealthier, it becomes easy to pay for these procedures, most of which are very expensive.


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