Kate Bosworth plastic surgery

Kate Bosworth several plastic surgeries

Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgeries

Kate Bosworth was born on 2nd January 1983 in Los Angeles, California. She started her acting career in the year 1988 after she was cast in The Horse Whisper. She later became famous for her role in Young Americans TV series. She has also featured in other films like Blue Crush, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, Bee Seasons, Superman Returns, Beyond the Sea and others.

Has Kate Bosworth had Plastic Surgery?

Kate Bosworth is another actress who has also become a key subject of plastic surgery. She is rumored to have done several plastic surgeries after a good observation of her before and after pictures.

Kate Bosworth plastic surgery


Nose job is a major plastic surgery among many celebrities. It has helped many stars to have a transformation in their nose area. It is speculated that Bosworth is one among the many actresses who have benefited from rhinoplasty. This is after comparing her before and after pictures. Kate is seen to have had a wider nose in her before pictures, but her recent photos show Kate having a more pointed and refined nose tip. Her nose is also seen to be narrower than before which makes her new nose look suitable for her oval face. Her nose job surgery has made Kate look more attractive than before.

Collagen Injections

Besides the rhinoplasty, Kate is also believed to have had collagen injections on her upper lips. From the looks of her before pictures, it is clear that Kate’s lips were not full, but when you look at her recent pictures, you will notice that her upper lips are now fuller which is evidence that she had collagen injections. This surgery has made Kate have a stunning appearance which looks well with her pointed nose.

Kate Bosworth before and afte rplastic surgery

Botox injections

Kate is also speculated of having undergone for some face surgeries to make her appearance younger. She is suspected of having fillers and botox on her face which is evident in her recent pictures. It is also rumored that she had Botox injections to get rid of any aging signs.

Breast augmentation

Almost all actresses fancy a DD cup size, but at times they hate the busty breasts in case they will tend to sag. Kate is rumored of having breast augmentation so that she could redefine her breast’s shape and make them balance well with her stunning figure. Kate’s before pictures show her having smaller breasts which are also evidenced by her wearing bustier-style dresses to make her appear like she has big breasts. However, in her recent pictures, we see her having relatively bigger breasts than they were before and she has also seized wearing bustier dresses. All in all, it is believed that her breast implant procedure was a success because she looks perfect with her new breasts even if they still appear to be small. It is also said if she had breast augmentation, Kate most likely had the silicone implants that were positioned under her muscle so as she could achieve her recent natural look.


Kate Bosworth is among the lucky celebs whose appearance had a positive transformation after her plastic surgery procedures. All these procedures gave a beautiful and natural look to her, and they also made Bosworth become a true diva whose allure has made her hot.


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