Kate Hudson Plastic surgery

Kate Hudson plastic surgery – new breasts and nose

Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson both of who were big-timers at Hollywood. She rose to fame for playing in the movie ‘almost famous’ in 2000. Being the daughter of a great actress it is a natural instinct to want to achieve as much as her mother did, this is what is rumored to be the driving force behind the decision of her career.

Kate Hudson before and after Plastic surgery

Word has been going round that she has gone under the knife for two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Hollywood today ;the rhinoplasty (nose job) and the breast implant surgery. The two surgeries might not be as bad as people usually think as clearly evident from Kate Hudson, plastic surgery, before and after photos if she indeed did it , something I am highly convinced. Before there was also a rumor about how insecure she was about her looks and especially her breasts therefore this might have looked like a viable option and she took it.

Kate Hudson plastic surgery

Breast implants

If you have been a fan of Kate Hudson then you do not need any plastic surgery expertise to tell that there is quite a lot of difference in her breast size now as compared to before. You will also agree that the pressure that such celebrities have to go through since they have to keep on making public appearance is huge and having your breasts enlarged is quite a rational decision. Hollywood is becoming a wild place today and both the fans and the producers have become addicts of either large natural breast sizes and the only other alternative is implants.

Apart from Kate Hudson more celebrities have also gone through breast augmentation. Victoria Beckham for example in 2014 admitted to have gone through it to reduce her breast size after giving birth to her son in 1999. Therefore it becoming a major trend and considering Kate Hudson’s former breast and her now right sized, beautifully shaped breast it is clear that it was a job well done rather than natural cause of change as others would like to think.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job)

You can also easily notice that Kate Hudson nose is quite different and the only answer to how that is possible is rhinoplasty commonly known as the nose job. The procedure is not complicated at all in fact it is one of the easiest type of cosmetic surgeries to perform. Now in the case of Kate Hudson the procedure must have been even much easier all that was needed was to narrow down her nose and get the bridge right. This is because her nose didn’t not quite compliment her facial features you will agree until she did something about it .

Kate Hudson before and after Plastic surgery

The results believe or not were good the slight changes made her nose narrower and gave it the right bridge both of which now compliments her facial features very well. If you look at Kate Hudson’s photos of 2012 and at her present look you will easily notice a much prettier and younger looking Kate and the secret to this is new look is her nose. It beautifully stands out making her look very pretty and attractive, just what Hollywood needs in an actress.


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