Kate Middleton plastic surgery

Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge had undergone Plastic Surgery?

Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge had undergone Plastic Surgery?

From Botox to Breast augmentation, A lot of speculations have been seen all over the internet that The Duchess of Cambridge had undergone Plastic Surgery. Though Kate Middleton already looks lovely since the first time she was seen by the world. Her good taste in fashion makes her look attractive,even before speculations broke out. Being a trendsetter, all eyes are looking up to her for her fashion styles.

Which is why speculations about her undergoing plastic surgeries went off with a blast. Tons of The Duchess’ photos online of before and after surgery are quite shocking. Though She does look gorgeous on her “before” photos, You would notice a big change on the speculated after surgery photos. Speculated surgeries that she went through were Botox, two nose jobs, eyebrow surgery, and Breast augmentation or blepharoplasty.

Kate Middleton plastic surgery

Speculations of Kate Middleton’s nose job or rhinoplasty broke out and photos of her taken on 2002 and 2005 were compared. A lot of people say that she had her nose job as a graduation gift for herself on 2005. Her recent surgery that created a fuss online was her eyebrow surgery. Looking back at her old photos, I do think that regular trimming and reshaping of her eyebrows would make them the way they are today.

And another Nose job made the online news saying it was a follow up from the first one. Online sources say that broad with big nostrils were the best way to describe her nose on her old photos, while recent photos of her describe her nose as pointed and slimmer. Injecting Botox on her face was also a big news, With a spotless face which is also fresh and tight at the same time, who wouldn’t think of her injecting botox right?

Other news of her surgery was her breast augmentation, which people speculated that she wanted to have her breast as good as they were before she had babies. These rumors went over the line and there were reports that The Duchess herself became furious over posts on social media which tackled topics about her surgeries.

Kate Middleton before and after plastic surgery

Well at some point, Kate Middleton’s surgery rumors really did an online fuss. A lot of young people do look up to her since she is next in line as the Queen someday, so having such rumors scattered all over the internet would either ruin her reputation a bit or the exact opposite. Looking at her photos that were being compared online. I saw slight differences, there are some views of her photos that really looks like she did undergo some surgeries. But most of them looks quite normal. I mean, a photo of the same person five years ago would not look exactly the same as the photos that are taken now. People do change the way they look. And If ever she did some surgery, only the Duchess knows and we are left here to just speculate on rumors. Well as for me, I can’t decide on whether she did undergo some surgery or not. How about you? What do You think?


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