Kate Upton plastic surgery

Kate Upton Has Undergone Plastic Surgery!

There have been numerous rumors circulating over the net inquiring as to whether Kate Upton’s breasts are real or fake. Many of her adoring fans have noticed a significant difference in her appearance and breast size over the past decade. Well judging by the before and after photos, these rumours have finally been confirmed! Kate Upton’s breast are indeed fake, and though this may come as a shock to many of her fans, when one looks at the modeling industry as a whole, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Kate Upton, known is one of America’s top models, yet to some people’s surprise, has undergone a significant amount of plastic surgery. Making her debut in 2011 on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and making the cover of Vanity Fair for its 100th anniversary, many of her fans may take it with shock that she herself has gone under the blade a few times.

Kate Upton before and after plastic surgery

Kate Upton plastic surgery

Kate Upton came from humble beginnings being born in Michigan but growing up in Miami, she was a known as a bookworm, and horse enthusiast all throughout high school. Today she is known as the model of the decade, and has even gone on to star successful films such as Tower Heist (2011) and the Other Woman in 2014. However not all her success is due to her acting skills, or sheer genuine beauty, but significant amounts of plastic surgery. Recording back in highschool days, once can see clearly that her breast size only remained at around a 32 cup size, whereas today some estimate that her bra size is about 34-36, screaming that Kate Upton has also had serious amount of breast implants. Now this may come as a shock to many of her adoring fans, as Kate Upton is naturally beautiful, even in her early days working as a Miami model, but if one is to make it big in the business, one has to continue being curvy, and voluptuous- and that means having bigger breast. As they say, “give the people what they want,” and people want larger, curvier, breasts, and so like many in her field, Kate Upton too has undergone serious amounts of plastic surgery to keep up that image the industry needs her to have.

Kate Upton before and after plastic surgery

Take a look her at her before and after photos, that indicate a serious amount of work has been done to resize her breasts. Are you still in doubt? Don’t be, many models are encouraged to make their breasts larger for their audience- it’s simply the nature of the industry, many of America’s most successful models have also undergone serious amounts of plastic surgery, and have breast implants. Take for example Sarah Jessica Parker from one of the most successful TV shows ever, Sex and the City. Or Tara Reid from The Big Lebowski and American Pie, she had breast implants done, not simply to stun her audience and fans, but because according to her, her breasts were uneven. Many American celebrities and models have plastic surgery, in that industry to be successful, one must stay beautiful, and beauty is something always changing in our culture.

Tell us what You think. Did Kate Upton go for plastic surgery? Are her breasts fake or real?

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