Kathy Griffin plastic surgery

Kathy Griffin – Enjoying new looks with plastic surgery

Kathy Griffin, the great comedian from America, is among one of those bold and blunt celebrities who have never denied the truth about their plastic surgeries. She started her career as a chair leading squad and was taken as most favorite despite of her clumsy looks. She was a confident girl at her youth and never got shy of her gawky appearance. Now even at the age of 51, she has never lost her confidence and is continuously trying to move with the waves by changing her looks.

Confidence of Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin admitted many times in different interviews that she has no time to worry about her shabby looks, quoting her words she said, “Believe me or not people don’t come to see me really thinking I’m going to look like Jennifer Aniston.”

Kathy Griffin plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures of Kathy Griffin

By the age of 26, Kathy Griffin decided to safe her career by undergoing a simple procedure of nose job. She explained that she was usually told by people that she could be prettier if she make changes with her nose.

Diet plans                      

Besides her nose job, Kathy also engaged herself in weight loss activities by doing aerobics and starving that was never good for her health. She even didn’t hesitate to take weight loss pills and under the depression of surviving in the showbiz industry, she confessed that she also remained involved in taking street drugs.


She also experienced the liposuction procedure but this procedure really killed her. She had a liposuction procedure where fats were removed from her waist, thigs, stomach and knee inside. She declared that lipo was a fatal experience for her and she would not go for it ever again. She exclaimed that instead of liposuction she lost her weight because of yawn, healthy diet and heavy exercise.


Kathy Griffin altered the shape of her nose by undergoing rhinoplasty procedure because previously it was of a quite big size. By doing that she shared that her facial looks were sharpen and she achieved a perfectly toned skin.

Eye brow lift

Initially the eye brows of Kathy Griffin were in a minor shape which turned her forehead with over aged look and narrower. After cosmetic surgery done in terms of eye brow lift she turned much attractive and ageless.

Hair-do of Kathy Griffin

Besides all the other plastic surgery procedures, Kathy Griffin also worked on her hair by experiencing hair straightening. Previously Kathy never thought of changing her wavy style hair but when she lost her weight by undergoing liposuction, she decided for a younger look by straightening her hair. This new hair- do brought a fresh and younger look to this comedy star.

Kathy Griffin before and after plastic surger

Dental procedure

Kathy shared that she was from Irish background and that is why she had bad Irish teeth. She exposed that she went to the dental surgeon for getting soap opera teeth instead of the real one.

So Kathy Griffin is a complete package who have experienced almost every kind of cosmetic surgery procedure and never feels shy in accepting the reality.


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