Katie Cassidy plastic surgery

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery for young American actress

Katie Cassidy is a 29 year old actress from Los Angeles, California has become extremely well known from her roles in movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and in recent TV shows including Gossip Girl, Supernatural and Arrow. This wonderfully beautiful star though prosperous in all aspects is turning heads once again because of the recent rumors surfacing about her recent plastic surgery attempts.


Fans first took notice of the actress during the premier of the second season of Arrow, describing a slimmer face, smaller nose, bigger cheeks, and a more defined jaw line. Could this be related to the recent dramatic weight loss she underwent for her rolls in other popular shows? Some say yes, but the fact that the rest of her body has virtually stayed the same is leading fans to believe that she has gone under the knife. Though weight loss in most cases can account for subtle changes in facial recognition, it cannot make up for that fact that her face is an entirely different shape. In more recent photos of Cassidy her face although slimmer seems to have been lifted along with her jaw appearing to be far more defined then what we have come to see as normal.

Katie Cassidy before and after plastic surgery

Katie Cassidy Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, although a private and personal choice for many people is hard to keep quiet when your face has changed so drastically, not just from series to series, but from season to season as well. When your willingly having your face plastered all over the TV, Posters, books and the Internet your fans are bound to notice even the most subtle of changes. 

Another set of more recognizable facial characteristics, that seem to be the ones responsible for the start of these rumors is her supposed cheek augmentation accompanied by an ever so slight nose job. In several pictures of Katie it is plain to see that her cheeks although already complementary to her face have become far larger giving her more definition in her smile.Though not a bad thing, people still have questions as to why she would need to go under the knife at all. 

Katie Cassidy before and after plastic surgery

Finally the largest piece of controversy has to be her nose. The words rhinoplasty and nose job have been thrown all over the Internet about a change that to many people is so subtle, it could barley count as a change at all. In recent interviews and photos of Katie Cassidy her nose does appear to be smaller, but she does not have the more obvious signs that most celebrities give off after having such a surgery. Many argue that the alleged change in the shape of her nose could just be our eyes playing tricks because of how she has altered the rest of her face. Another more disturbing idea is that some people could just have resentment for the actress for her success and are trying to stress how much she has changed over the last few years. Despite these rumors she still has her fans on the fence and is continuing to surprise and amaze us all.




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