Katie Holmes plastic surgery

Katie Holmes Before and after Plastic Surgery

Katie Holmes Before and after Plastic Surgery

Katie Holmes is a former star of Dawson’s TV series. She is known to have a perfect appearance on TV, but of late she is being rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to get a better look. When you compare her photo, you will obviously see that she has had some changes, especially in the nose area. In her old photos, you will notice that she had a round nose; however, in her late photos, you will notice that her nose is much narrow. Katie hasn’t said anything about the rumor, but from the look of her before photos and the recent pictures, you will definitely see the change.

Katie Holmes Rhinoplasty

Katie is one of the celebrities who are not so much onto the quest for beauty. Her plastic surgery was obviously uncalled for; however, it is clear that she is revealing herself to the entire universe. Let’s first argue her case using her before and after photos. Holmes had a big and broad nose with a round tip which made her look more like the other usual her. But looking at her latest photos, you will see a great difference.

Katie Holmes plastic surgery

Her earlier pictures show that she had a much wider nose which had a round tip. The outcome of her nose surgery was remarkable. Her surgeon did a good job; he was able to replace her wide round nose with an elegant, narrow, sharp lean nose. Her recent photos show that her new nose is without any questionable doubts pleasing to the eyes. However, it leaves people with a single challenge which is the impartiality of the surgery. The main reason people go for plastic surgeries is that they want to look young. Although, Katie’s rhinoplasty took away her beautiful young looks giving way to a further adult look.

Katie’s nose job makes her facial looks much better and also looks like a beautiful Midwest lady. Even if the nose job is real, people have appreciated her choice because it has not being exaggerated. She looks extremely gorgeous and natural. Even if she had a new nose, it does not bring any difference to her face, but it makes her general appearance look better.

Katie Holmes before plastic surgery

Katie Holmes Breast Surgery

The America’s artist beauty is exceptional. Since her young age, she has been well known for her beautiful face. The gossips about her surgery struck the celebrity speculation editorial when there was a clear and visible difference in the size of bra she was wearing before and the size of bra she wears nowadays. Photos also show that Katie has undergone breast implants; however, if she had the implants, it is clear that she did it in a way that it hides any likely pointers.

Was Katie Holmes’ surgery significance

Katie’s plastic surgery effectiveness depends on your own perspective of beauty. There is no reason to doubt that the surgery has made her look good than before the surgery. There are also those who say that she looked better with her younger face before she had carried out the plastic surgery. The reality that the surgery made her appearance look better other than deform her is enough to conclude that her plastic surgery was an achievement.


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