Keith Urban plastic surgery

Keith Urban After cocaine plastic surgery addiction

Keith Urban After cocaine plastic surgery addiction

Kieth Lionel Urban is a New Zealand Born Australian Songwriter, Singer, musician, guitarist, record producer and Tv show Judge. He released his self-titled debut album in the year 1991 and afterward moved to US in the following year. This Album includes the group of top singles “where the blacktops ends” and “your everything”. Following this album, Keith released his second album named as Golden Road in the year 2002. In 2005 “Golden Road” was certified as triple platinum for the sales of more than three million copies. Over the years Keith had provided us with the top hit albums like Defying Gravity, Fuse, Get Closer etc. Keith has also appeared as the judge in 12th seasons of American Idol. It was also rumored that Urban will appear to farewell the final season of American Idol in 2016 which was true as Keith Judged the final season along with Nicole Kidman and Harry Connick.

Keith During his early years was suffering from several ups and downs leading him to the addiction of cocaine. In 1998 He made his mind to leave the habit of cocaine and entered into a care center in Nashville. His life changed when he met the American-born Australian actress Nicole Kidman at the Hollywood event in LA in the year 2005. They start dating each other and got married on 25 June 2006 in Sydney.

Keith Urban plastic surgery

Keith Urban’s Plastic Surgery

Keith urban, At the age of 47 is one of the hottest singers around. Just as equal to his wonderful and attractive wife Nicole Kidman. Keith Urban Plastic Surgery became one of the hottest topics to discuss among the chatters. It was said that this 47 year old man is having some procedures to maintain his fresh look and it seems pretty true that he had gone under Botox injection and Facelift. Nowadays, among the male celebrities Both facelift and Botox injection is quite common. You might well know some of the celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Axl Rose and Steven Tyler who had taken this procedure. This speculation appeared on Keith plastic surgeries after the people compared his before and after pictures. Keith urban’s Plastic surgery includes Botox Injections, Facelift, Eyelid surgery, jaw implants and Cheek filler. Urban’s face is still free from aging signs like wrinkle and forward line which means the plastic surgery is effective and working properly.

Dental work

This is one of the most obvious changes that you can easily point out when you compare the picture of the Keith Urban now and then. The cosmetic dental work includes the work of filling up the gap between the teeth and veneers. Dental work also includes the whitening of teeth, which had an incredible impact on your personality and appearance. This work made him look at least 10 years younger.

Botox Injection

If you look at Keith’s current picture you might see clearly his face looked smooth and tight compared to early pictures. It is seen that the branching of wrinkles on his face had been removed and Botox must be reasons for this. It made him look younger. I must admit that in some of the pictures his skin look pretty smooth and flawless for someone who is almost 50 year’s old.

Keith Urban before and after plastic surgery


This procedure might also be taken by him. This procedure mainly tightens the facial skin. Keith’s face looked to have no sagging skin and therefore he might have done this procedure. Some people also said Keith might have undergone cheeks and Jaw implants. These are an invasive procedure and I don’t think he will be desperate to try them. Although his Jaws are more defined and cheeks look plump, this can be due to weight gain or effect of his Hair style.


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